Politics in Games: The World of Watch Dogs

I feel as if my favorite pastime, video games, don’t get enough attention in my blogs due to my desire to cover politics in a timely manner. To remedy this, I want to establish a recurring series on this blog, where I cover the politics of video games. I’ll switch between covering more obvious political […]

Is Journalism Worth Saving In 2017?

Here’s the Brian Stelter Twitter thread I refer to later: https://twitter.com/brianstelter/status/880051302167924736   I read a fascinating Twitter thread yesterday where Brian Stelter, a journalist and correspondent at CNN, complained about what he called “anti-journalistic sentiment”. He claimed that criticism towards journalism is good, as long as it’s constructive, but that most of the critiques being […]

5 Things I Love About Going to Baseball Games

For the first time in weeks, nothing huge happened in politics today that’s worth covering. There was a small development in the CNN story I talked about yesterday though. It turns out that James O’Keefe will be putting out a video a day all this week exposing CNN and their faking of the Trump/Russia narrative. […]

Why You Should Care About Trump’s Travel Ban, Limited or Not

Here’s an hilariously delusional post from WashPo that is a good litmus test for how delusional mainstream media is right now: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2017/06/27/trumps-travel-ban-still-doesnt-make-any-sense/?utm_term=.d2af14c9820e   With a startling 9-0 decision from the U.S. Supreme Court today, Donald Trump’s proposed travel ban will be instated in a limited format. In actual practice, the limited version of Trump’s travel […]

Pride Parade Shows Their True Colors, Bans Jewish Flags

Today in Chicago, several Jewish members of the LGBTQAI+ community were told that they weren’t allowed to fly their Star of David flags at the “Dyke March”. The “Dyke March” is a variant of the typical Chicago Pride Parade, claiming to place a larger emphasis on social justice and being more inclusive. Ironically this is their reasoning for banning the Star of David from their event, as in their mind it is a hateful symbol. When questioned how the symbol of the Jewish people and the nation of Israel was hateful, the organizers of the “Dyke March” claimed that they were “anti-Zionist” and “Pro-Palestine”.

What Kind of Anarchist Are You? (Quiz)

I wanted to try something new with today’s blog. Instead of doing a typical post, I created an online quiz that allows you to determine what type of anarchist you are, if you even are one. I find that most people in my generation are increasingly distrustful of authority and the state, and this has […]

Why You Need to Stop Worshipping Hacks Like Johnny Depp

When musicians, actors, directors, and writers all echo the same constant violent rhetoric, it makes you stop and wonder why they made these statements to begin with. Sure, Madonna could have just been venting  when she said she wants to blow up the White House, but what if just one of her fans didn’t think she was joking? What if that one person also loved the Avengers, and watched its director, Joss Whedon, gather all of his favorite superhero actors in one video that called the current president a crook, a villain, and a liar? What if that one person also follows Rachel Maddow on Twitter, and sees her day after day accuse the president of hacking the election with Russia?

How Trump’s Speech in Iowa Provided a Much Needed Morale Boost

To provide contrast to what I’m about to write, here’s an hilariously dire article from the (failing) Times: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/06/21/us/politics/trump-iowa-rally-venting-session.html   President Trump finally took a much needed break from what he humorously called the “Washington Swamp” to deliver a “Make America Great Again” speech that would serve as a recap on what he’s done so […]