Journalistic Integrity Officially Died Today

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The New York Times decided, after go figure, another year of not making enough money to pay their worthless employees, that they needed to downsize. Instead of getting rid of their low level employees or under-performing reporters, the Times* instead thought it was a good idea to purge their editors. I’ll say that again. In the era of “Fake News” and full blown slander ridden, non-fact based journalism, the Times really thinks the smart move is to get rid of more editors. Not only that, but they’re removing their position of “Public Editor” a position invented because everybody lost faith in the Times because one of their top reporters, Jayson Blair, was posting full blown lies for the sake of viewership. Sound familiar? I guess they don’t need that position because they’ve adopted that mentality across the board. What’s even more humiliating is this little quote,

Our goal is to significantly shift the balance of editors to reporters at The Times, giving us more on-the-ground journalists developing original work than ever before”

What I don’t understand about this move is that it only makes it even more transparent that the Times is nothing more than a propaganda rag. Little history check, but in case you weren’t aware the New York Times, along with most other print journalism has been failing the past decade. With the advent of digital communication, and the ever decreasing quality of journalism, why pay for a Times subscription when you can just have a Twitter account and check BuzzFeed every half hour? With this competition, how does the Times stay afloat you ask? Well it’s all thanks to a massive investment that made Carlos Slim, Mexican “Telecom Mogul, philanthropist, (human trafficker) and billionaire investor” the largest stakeholder in the Times. “Why does this matter?” a person might foolishly ask. Well, it matters because although journalism has faced many lows throughout its bumpy existence in the U.S., there have been an alarming increase of errors and bias reporting the last couple of years. Between the ridiculous slanders thrown against any person or ideology that doesn’t align with the media’s liberal bias, the complete and utter blind Clinton worship that occurred in the time leading up to the 2016 election cycle, and the worrying stance the paper has been taking in pushing an open border policy for the US, supporting illegal immigration from Mexico (a huge way people like Slim and other elite Mexican businessmen, as well as American businesses that profit off of abusing immigrants profit) as well as supporting the rising tide of Islamic immigration that has led to a toxic cultural shift and not only physical acts of terror but also an alarming encroachment on the rights of private citizens.

While the Times is nothing more than a propaganda rag to me, it can’t be ignored how important big named publications still have on the American psyche. Somebody publishing an article or opinion piece with the Times banner above it immediately makes a certain tier of educated Americans take it as gospel. They, for better or worse, take the world as it is given to them, and if they see something inside of a publication they will hold onto that as real information, and spread it to all their other friends. They will hold it over other’s heads, as if they are suddenly smarter or elevated for regurgitating what they’ve read some 20 year old affirmative action hire clack away on their iPad. Except now, thanks to the realities of economics, there will be even fewer editors checking over their words. Fewer people to hold one of the most “prestigious” and “respected” institutions accountable. But don’t worry right? We have Politifact fact-checking the world, right? Ummm…..

At the end of the day, I’m happy the Times has gotten rid of their Public Editor.** Sure, it’s a bleak reminder that any hope of integrity we hope to get out of journalism is gone, but hey, at least the illusion of it is gone. It’s also a great reminder that now, more than ever, we as private citizens need to be our own gatekeepers and only consume honest, factual information if we’re gonna have a real, working democracy. ‘Cause that’s not a big ask, right? Right?

*Every use of “Times” in this post is in reference to the New York Times.

**Hilariously, the most recent Public Editor, Liz Spayd, refused to comment on her removal, even to the Times.

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