Stop Pretending Like You Understand the Paris Climate Accord, You Don’t

Here’s a full PDF version of the Paris Climate Accord, good luck slogging through it:

You might’ve heard on the news (or let’s face it, social media) that President Donald Trump withdrew the United States from the Paris Climate Accord. You might’ve also seen the regular clown car of characters that make up modern American and global politic all pop their heads up and give their very unwanted opinion on the matter. Retirement center escapee Bernie Sanders incoherently shouted about how President Trump doesn’t really represent the will of the American people and bowed his head in apology to Germany.(1) Leaders of Germany, France, and Italy* all banded together in saying that none of the rules, stipulations, and other aspects of the agreements are up for renegotiation. (2) Even Former President Obama voiced his unwanted (and ever strange**) opinion on the matter.  What exactly are all the stipulations that make the Paris Accord so unagreeable in the eyes of Donald Trump and a lot of Americans? Well let’s take a look shall we?

First and foremost, the largest problem with these accords (assuming man actually does have an impact on Earth’s climate(3)) is that the proposed time tables for the changes that take place are ridiculous. Instead of immediate action for this supposedly impending doom of all mankind, the plan instead involves implementing one small job killing regulation after the other, doing very limited reduction of carbon emission, and passing the next regulation off to be approved by another world leader years down the line. Just look at this direct quote from the accord,

“Invites Parties to communicate, by 2020, to the secretariat mid-century, long-term low greenhouse gas emission development strategies in accordance with Article 4, paragraph 19, of the Agreement, and requests the secretariat to publish on the UNFCCC website Parties’ low greenhouse gas emission development strategies as communicated”

Which essentially translates to, we’re gonna spend a lot of time writing job killing legislation to promote a cause, and then let the next cycle of administrators and world leaders decide whether to follow them or not. Not surprising, but to me it doesn’t seem to fit the impending doom narrative that climate obsessed politicians seem to keep pushing.

The next largest issue with this accord is the financial burden it applies to already developed, so called “First World Nations”, to the benefit of currently developing nations. In the accords, America would have to pay at least $100 billion annually to help developing nations acquire the clean energy tools they need to help hit the UN’s temperature and carbon goals by 2100.(4) I’m gonna reiterate that. $100 BILLION ANNUALLY. Of course smaller nations that are part of the UN will want to pressure America into this deal, they will benefit so greatly from cashing checks from Washington while pretending like they’re helping the environment. Friendly reminder that $100 billion would be on top of the billions America already spends on the NATO defense budget.(5) When you do the math, about $1,800 is charged per American citizen to go into military and defense funding for our “allies”.*** Isn’t that neat?

The issue that affects the lives of at least 6 million Americans, as well as millions more overseas, is the creation or destruction of jobs in the energy industry.(6) I laugh every time I read a statistic that boasts how many jobs have been created in the green energy market. It’s the equivalent of opening a Walmart across the street from a convenience store, a clothing boutique, and a tool shop, and then bragging in the local paper about how many jobs they created in such a short time. The issue that people who identify so strongly with green beliefs is that no form of energy production will benefit a nation’s economy as much as fossil fuels. The burning and consumption of these fuel sources are the sole reasons nations like China, India, and Brazil have managed to catch up as much as they have to other well established global nations. Plenty of Americans who live in that oh-so-hated middle section of America rely on their jobs at the local coal mine to support themselves. The disconnect many people have with that is what caused so much hatred towards Obama’s energy policies, and is one of the main reasons we have a President Trump in the first place. Do you really think the working class coal miner is the same person that’s getting hired to operate high tech solar facilities? Come on.

Now, the largest issue with these accords, which you won’t be able to find inside of the pdf I shared with you, is the blatant and harmful hypocrisy that every other participating nation has displayed with these environmental talks. Germany has led these discussions (and let’s face it, all of Europe) and has every time talked down to America as if they have a high horse to sit on. At the same time, Germany, despite making all these lofty goals and claims for everyone else has actually increased carbon emissions the past two years as well as failing to meet their defense budget quota required by NATO. The same is true for almost all of Europe, actually.(8) The problem with hypocrisy on this scale is that billions of dollars are at stake, as well as the well being of people’s lives. This all ties into the largest point I want to make today, and that is addressing the threat that is eco fascism.

Talk to any millennial on a college campus right now, and ask them to talk about the environment. Its genuinely disturbing hearing how confident, yet misinformed almost every single person is on the subject. You’ll hear them curse fracking as a world destroying, evil system, despite not being able to describe what fracking actually is. You’ll hear them talk about the wonders of solar and wind technologies, without knowing that almost every nation that has adopted them didn’t build the generators capable of storing the energy created, thus being an economic waste and actually incredibly harmful to the economy.(9) They’ll brag about their friend or family that owns an electric car, without knowing how harmful the battery really is to the environment, or understanding where the energy that charges their battery comes from in the first place. What do you expect though when Al Gore’s, An Inconvenient Truth, is essentially mandatorily viewed by public school children, despite the film being full of inaccuracies and apocalyptic messaging that should have happened by now. This young, brainwashed generation, combined with the surviving baby boomer hippie generation, have led to masses of people blindly signing away freedoms and economic liberties for the sake of unsound science and pointless doomsday threats.

My theory on this is that scientists and liberal politicians have become the religious figures of the left. Now this might sound crazy, but stick with me. The whole reason religion came about in the first place was that ancient leaders needed a more evergreen way to assert their dominance over others because having to physically kill and conquer got too draining and time consuming. Their solution? Elevate the importance of religion in the daily life. Now when we think of modern religion we think of the unholy trinity of Abrahamic monotheistic religions, including Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. I’m asking you to think back before that, when societies had a whole pantheon of gods and goddesses, who all represented different aspect of what? That’s right, nature. Whether you were ancient Greek, Egyptian, Chinese, or Indigenous American, your tribe or society had some shaman, or monk, or priest, whose sole job was to talk to the gods. Call upon the rain god for a good harvest. Bow before the lightning god, who can strike a man down. You, as a normal citizen have no idea what the gods say, only the religious figure. How did this survive in ancient times, you might ask, wondering how in a time where it was difficult enough to feed your own family, you would willingly sacrifice some livestock, or some grain, or a virgin, to some robed figure in exchange for good wishes. Well as I said earlier, societies relied on the unholy alliance between the strongman who controlled people’s physical lives and called themself chieftain or king, and the religious leader, who claimed the strongman had the divine blessing and right to rule, and thus controlled people’s spiritual lives. This pattern has continued for centuries, despite being more apparent at certain times than others. Think about medieval Europe, where a king would still claim allegiance to the Pope living in Italy, despite the Roman Empire falling centuries before. This dynamic remains the same even in supposedly atheist regimes. Think about the importance of communist scholars like Trotsky in the rise of communist control of Russia. You needed the strongman, Lenin, as well as the more feeble, but strong worded leader that was Trotsky. My claim now, is that as global societies push away from religion**** they instead use science as their religious figure. Look at how disgusted a modern trendy parent would be if their kid would want to go to church or was pro-life, but how proud and willing they are to have their kid instead worship Bill Nye and Neil Degrasse Tyson. Their claims feel as equally foolish and pandering to the other side as the teachings of Jesus appear to them. The importance here is to recognize this, and not let anything but logic, reason, and fact dictate our lives and decisions. I don’t think that’s a big ask.

Unsurprisingly, the news and social media are overwhelmed with anger and disgust at President Trump’s decision to pull the U.S. out of the Paris Accord (the same unchecked media I complained about last blog post). Let’s be honest here, the Paris Accord does nothing to actually help the environment. If everything goes according to plan, at best, the global temperature lowers by 0.2 degrees by 2100. That’s actually laughably sad. No, the accords are not about helping the environment, or making technological advancement in the green energy field. It is instead yet another attempt to socially engineer global citizens into reducing U.S. influence on the world and further strip away personal liberties and freedoms. Its eco fascism at its most apparent, and I’m happy our president decided to pull out, fulfilling his campaign promise.***** Not only is this good for us financially, but it shows further that Trump and the U.S. will not bow down to the EU and its leader, Angela Merkel. We will not be bullied into taking part in agreements that do nothing to benefit us in the name of  “global progression” and “world-wide unity”. Trust me, the sky isn’t falling. This was the right move and direction shift for America to take. As long as we keep an eye on Merkel and the EU****** we’ll come out of this deal on top.

* I put these nations in order of global importance. Let’s face it, Macron is a pawn for Merkel’s German led EU ambitions, and Italian politics are so corrupt it’s a common joke in Italy to assume a criminal is more trustworthy than any politician in Rome.

**Have you heard what this guy’s been saying since he left office? How Michelle wasn’t the first love of his life and how he wanted to experiment with homosexuality when he got lonely. If his advisors hadn’t muzzled him so much there would be a totally different public outlook on this dude.

***Allies who include the socialist scandinavian nations and the new Islamic dictatorship that is Turkey.

****Or at least pretend to. 70% of Americans identify as Christians, and most people around the world believe in some form of religion.

*****While he delivered on pulling out the Paris Accords he utterly failed the Jewish people in moving the US embassy in Israel to the holy and eternal capital of Jerusalem. Baby steps though.

******What’s up with those private Euro-armies that Germany is building?(9)

Full List of Sources:


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