The Outrage Towards Trump and the Paris Accords is Good; Here’s Why

Here’s what Merkel and Macron had to say:


Yesterday, I wrote a blog post about Trump’s decision to pull the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Accords, and why I believed that was the best move for the United States going forward. While I was going to write a piece today on the absolute circus that Evergreen University has become the last week, I’ve decided for that story to develop a little more before I give my thoughts on the matter. So instead, I want to cover the almost ubiquitous outcry that we’ve all seen come from celebrities, politicians, and other global elites over Trump’s bold decision. The trick with outrage is to recognize that, where there’s smoke there’s fire, and if every person who has opposed Trump and his America first policies is upset about pulling out of the Paris Accords, then maybe the reasoning goes deeper than them being concerned about the environment (hint: it is)

Before I get into why everyone freaking out about the Paris Accords is pointless and ignorant to facts or truth, one has to first understand a pivotal tactic of the modern left: virtue signaling. I don’t think I’d be able to do a better job at defining virtue signaling than Google, so here’s what their definition is:

The action or practice of publicly expressing opinions or sentiments intended to demonstrate one’s good character or the moral correctness of one’s position on a particular issue.”

An example of virtue signaling would be changing your profile picture after a terrorist attack or, say, make a post or video condemning President Trump for his decision to leave the Paris Accords, despite not having any knowledge on what the accords actually entail.

This leads to another massive issue I have with all the outcry, and that is this false equivalence that is being applied to every Trump policy. Celebrities and politicians keep putting out video after video screaming that climate change is not only very real and eminent, but that only the Paris Accords and a global unified action can stop and prevent it. Just as they do with elections, where they painted the American people’s only choices in 2016 as the bastion of good moral decisions and hope Hillary Clinton, or the evil sexist racist Donald J. Trump, they have painted taking a stance on climate change as either being pro Paris Accords and thus an ally of the environment, or against them, and thus a Bible-thumping climate change denier. The alternative, and I think where the truth really lies is that one can both want to take measures in protecting the environment that we live in, while also not wanting the U.S. to have to submit to Germany and the EU, while also paying $100 billion a year, while also paying the defense budget of all of NATO. Yeah, Trump made the right call.

So, you might ask, if the Paris Accords were so clearly stacked against America, why do so many famous people and elites support it? Well, the simple answer is to call back to that term I earlier presented, virtue signaling. I genuinely believe that these people all have no idea what is involved with the Paris Accords and instead see it as the only hope for the environment to be saved. I also think that they know if they don’t take the stance they are against Trump, they will be blacklisted from their positions by the angry mob that is the modern “progressive” left. It’s not a global conspiracy like Alex Jones wants you to think, because honestly I think that gives a lot of these Hollywood and Washington bozos too much credit. It is important though to recognize these figures all carry an authority with them, and it’s important to battle against their misinformation. The trick is to not only ignore them, but to seek the truth, and learn to laugh at how hard these people are trying to make you a sheep. Don’t be a sheep, but don’t be a wolf either. Endeavor to be a shepherd, guiding others into the right direction, because obviously they can’t do it themselves.

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