Why We Should Be Worried About the Terror Attack in London

A summary of the terror attack as of the writing of the article:


London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling do… actually no. London Bridge was attacked today, by men in a white van and armed with knives. They managed to kill six people and injured many more. I’m going to repeat that. They murdered six human beings. I feel as if that needed to be repeated, as to emphasize what’s been occurring all over the world these past years, and specifically today in a city in which I feel a certain affinity for, having lived in England for several years and having fond memories of visiting it. In this marvelous city, that has always had a history of being multicultural, vibrant, and above all, resilient, nowadays seems to be anything but. There have been three terror attacks in the past three months, two of which have occurred in the past two weeks. In case you’ve already forgotten, the one a couple months ago also involved a large vehicle running over people on a bridge, followed by stabbings. The other happened just weeks ago, where a bunch of girls and their families were torn to shreds by a suicide nail bombing that went off after an Ariana Grande concert. What do all these attacks have in common? I’ll give you one guess. When are they going to stop? Well let’s get into that.

In case you’re unaware of what’s been going on in the world for the past decade or so, practically all of western civilization has been engaged in an active war against several nations in the Middle East as well as groups who engage in/generally support the notion of terrorism. This has been a messy and unorganized decade, that if you totalled it up, has led to so many pointless and tragic deaths that if one thought about it too much it might traumatize and jade an entire generation (not like that’s happened or anything). All of that in mind, there has also been several ideological flip-flops in that decade. The red, white and blue post-911 America that gladly sent troops into the desert under Bush soon led to the rise of Obama’s generation of passive, Islam-friendly, hopefuls. Eight years of this, and now the U.S. is a mixed bag, those who support conflict and weary of Islam-apology finding a bannerman in Trump, and those who still cling to the liberal and foolishly empathetic stance of Obama and Clinton finding comfort in the infantile and pacifist words of EU leaders like Macron and Merkel. The problem is, while in America, most of its terror attacks are domestic (for now), in other parts of the world, like Europe, their governments this past decade have bred a society that not only accepts Islamic terrorism as a part of daily life, but they almost ask for it. I know that seems harsh, but sadly it’s true.

They ask for it when they take in scores of 18-35 year old male refugees from the Middle East. They ask for it when they don’t ask these migrants, who come from very different (and barbaric) cultures, to adapt or even just try, to assimilate to their own culture. They ask for it when they mistake being cautious of mass migration from an enemy state and wanting to have borders as a sign of being a racist. They ask for it when they make up these fake little terms in order to slander those who disagree with them, throwing around words like Islamophobe, and repurposing old terms like bigot and fascist, without really knowing how to use them correctly. They ask for it when time after time, they put in politicians who will do nothing about the obvious correlation between these migrants and the rise in not just large acts of terror, but a rise in rape, crime, pollution, violence, and oppression.(1)(2)(3)

To me, that’s the most bothering part about this whole ordeal. Its that underlying reliance people around the world seem to have on their governments, trusting them to have only the facts and best interest of the people in their hearts. The opposite, instead is happening, and people continue to get murdered, one after the other. Each one getting reported as a “violent incident”, not a terror attack, and are being committed by “Asians” or “Mediterraneans”, not Arabs or followers of Islam. It would be comical, if it wasn’t sad. It would be preventable, if it wasn’t so inevitable. Each one would seem to be the last if the actual cause of these attacks were addressed and not constantly mishandled. This leads me to identifying the cause of all these terror attacks. You might assume I’m going to say its radical Islamic terrorism or refugees, or maybe even the entire broken faith that is Islam. I’m not though. To me, the culprit behind every life lost with every attack and every loss of life and liberty, are not the terrorists committing them, but instead the governments who time and time again have failed to do their sole job of protecting the citizens that they represent. That’s the entire reason we have a government in the first place. The definition of a nation is

“A large aggregate of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular country or territory.”

Let that sink in, then ask yourself if that fits the definition current governments are pushing. Their role is not to build roads or manage schools, but to maintain borders and protect us so we as private citizens can go about our daily lives without fear. Instead, politicians do the opposite, doing everything in their power to inject fear into our lives, so much so that we become numb to it. Don’t believe me? Do you really think a couple dozen flowers and a benefit concert were the appropriate reaction to girls getting murdered by a nail bomb? Do you really think it’s normal to already have preset frames, with transparent flags of nations in case another terror attack happens and you need to publicly prove that you really do stand with “insert city here”? I sure hope not.

London is a strong city and Brits are a sturdy bunch. Or at least they used to be. “Keep Calm and Carry On” didn’t mean to ignore Nazis and #PrayForLondon. It meant that although your house was destroyed by Nazi bombers in a midnight bombing run, the government, backed by the strength of the British spirit and led by the legendary (and conservative) Winston Churchill, would prevail. Not by ignoring the threats like Canadian PM wants you to do, but to face them head on, and hit the Nazis back ten times harder (made possible by U.S. aid of course). While Paris may have been in Nazi occupation, London was going to hold through the air raids, and the rockets, and the ever approaching threat of Nazi Germany. Although times were dire, they held through it, and in the end they persevered. Now, although the stakes seem way less dire, I’m not sure London will survive this threat. If they don’t address the threat of Islam and recognize the issue with taking in so many refugees, if they don’t wake up to the rise of rape gangs in their own cities, if they don’t wake up to the fact that yes, enemies are at the gates, and people are going to keep dying unless action is taken and changes are made… then there might be a day where we talk about London in the past tense. Paris is already on its way, with several neighborhoods and areas of the city being deemed as “no-go zones”.(4) The leaders of Japan have warned their citizens against visiting London, deeming it unsafe due to all the attacks.(5) Maybe the fall is already here. Elections are coming up British friends. You have control over who represents you in these trying times. Are you concerned with what the global temperature will be a century from now, or with the safety of your fellow citizens? If it’s the former, I hope you have some nice flowers picked out for the next vigil. And the one after that. And the one after that….

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