Why the British Election and the Comey Hearing Are Both Worth a Deeper Look

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Interesting read on the Comey hearing and political split over it:


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Yesterday (June the 8th) so many important things went down in western politics that I’m certain unless you’re a media consumption machine you probably missed out on something important. Considering a major hearing from a former FBI director and the British elections happened, we should probably recap. Let’s start with the hearing of James Comey.

In case you’re not aware of the context, James Comey was the former head of the American Federal Bureau of Investigation. He was in that position for the past four years, being appointed by former president Obama in 2013. This year though, he was removed from his position by current President Trump. Although there is a lot of speculation about the removal and the timing of this removal, the real reason probably lies closer to Trump finding Comey annoying and inept at his job, rather than the president trying to sabotage FBI investigations that may or may not actually exist. I got off track, lets try again.

Comey came forward this past week, telling the American media that he had incriminating information on the president. The mainstream media, being who they are, ate this up, and ran story after story forecasting Trump’s imminent impeachment, CNN even going as far as to have a countdown timer leading up to the hearing. What the government and media thought they had caught Trump on, was the act of impeding investigations on both him and his cabinet about colluding with Russia over the election. Democrats and Liberals created this strange narrative in their minds, that Clinton lost not because of her being a horrible candidate with a horrible campaign, but because of sexism and Russian interference. They talked about this narrative so much in fact that they all started to believe it as truth, and then started publishing article after article about it, saying that Donald Trump was involved in this, and that FBI investigations were underway. You can see then why liberal media got so scared when Trump removed Comey as FBI head, because both their lack of understanding on how investigations work, combined with their black helicopter/red scare narrative of Russian collusion would get anybody worked up. With all this being set up, liberals desperately awaited to hear what James Comey had to say, believing that his personal “memos” he took of his meetings with Trump would surely lead to the impeachment of the current president that they hate so much. Hilariously, it did quite the opposite.

What Comey said at the hearing was nothing short of incredible, in the sense that it not only failed to bring up anything of negative impact on Trump, but instead accidentally incriminated several other figures including Loretta Lynch, Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton, Comey’s friends, and Comey himself. Important to take away from the hearing is that in all actuality, Trump was never under investigation from the FBI about Russian collusion, which not only immediately invalidated the entire liberal narrative, but also raised the question of who the media used as a source about this in the first place. Your guess is as good as mine, but one thing is for sure, it definitely wasn’t someone from the actual FBI, as they would know whether or not there was an investigation going on in their own bureau. Don’t they have editors at the Times? Oh wait. Some other strange things happened at the hearing, like Comey admitting that Loretta Lynch told Comey not to call the investigation into the election-era Clinton scandals an actual investigation in order to aid her campaign. Remember when Bill Clinton met with Loretta Lynch at the airport and had a secret meeting with her? Then the New York Times told you not to worry about it? Yeah, me too. The final thing of note from these hearings is that Comey leaked the information about all these happenings to a friend of his who is a professor at Columbia University. I know we live in an era of leaks and loose information, but think about that. The former head of the FBI gave sensitive information that is supposed to be classified, to a random civilian he was friends with. No wonder our information is so easily stolen from foreign agencies. The big takeaway from this hearing is that its a major win for Trump, as everything he’s been saying (more like angrily tweeting at 3 A.M.) actually turned out to be true, and the whole media narrative that was created to destroy him came tumbling down. The only thing that he has to actually worry about is the fact that if the Democrats are feeling testy, which they probably won’t if they know what’s good for them, they could still push impeachment, as impeachment in America doesn’t have to be legally true, just democratically voted on by a majority. Oh the dangers of democracy.

Speaking of democracy, across the pond Britain had their elections, and oh boy, it was a circus. The incumbent prime minister was Theresa May, a representative of the conservative Tory party. May took office after a master political move made by her predecessor David Cameron post-Brexit. After putting in so much effort to keep Britain in the EU with “special status”, the Nigel Farage-led Brexit vote shook Cameron’s future electability, and reading the tea leaves, he sabotaged the party by resigning and forcing the next PM to take care of it. Theresa May unfortunately hasn’t handled it to the liking of most Britons, as she is a “Remainer” who belongs to the Tory party. For American readers, that’s like being a Southern Conservative who’s main platform is climate protection. You automatically lose those of the opposite party despite sharing their view, while also ostracizing your own party. May also made plenty of other mistakes, like mishandling the recent terror attacks and also refusing to campaign against Corbyn. These bad moves, mixed with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn appealing to youth and running an effective Bernie-esque campaign, led to polls believing the Tories would lose their majority, and possibly giving the PM-ship over to Corbyn. Believe it or not though, the polls were off again, to a degree.

The results came in and the Tories did fail to get a majority, although all is not lost for them. Due to the parliamentary system, they can still form a coalition, probably with the Democratic Unionists, and keep their lead. What needs to be examined though is that the Tories losing as much ground as they did this election is due to their failures as a party to appeal to their base. Talks about not honoring Brexit and mishandling terror attacks really affects the way the politically aware vote. The politically unaware though, as always, voted for the candidate that would give them the best social benefits and talked the most about inclusion, which this time was Corbyn. Another thing to take note of is that UKIP failed to secure any seats this election, which is worth talking about in its own right.

UKIP is the United Kingdom Independence Party, whose sole reason for formation was due to its member’s desire to separate the UK from the EU. They’ve been criticized through the years as being nationalist, (as if that’s a dirty word*) bigoted, fear mongers who would sacrifice anything for their fight against globalism. Sound familiar to anybody in America? UKIP failed to get any real footing as they suffered from infighting and constant negative media attention. Then came Nigel Farage, who depending on who you ask is either the worst of the bigoted fear mongers, or is the patriotic master politician that will be the savior of British culture. He’s very polarizing, but personally I love him. Just look at him.

Farage is important though, as he is the father and engineer of the successful Brexit movement. It was Farage who campaigned for years, taking his fight to both the British streets and to the faces of the EU, time after time. When he started, people would laugh at his hope for an independent Britain. They told him he was mad and that it would never pass. Guess who’s laughing now? After successfully getting Brexit passed, the UKIP party gained a lot of traction in the last election, earning a more legitimate spot in the minds of Britons who started to resonate with them. Then, after David Cameron did his aforementioned resignation, both Farage, and another Brexit supporter Boris Johnson, realized their play for PM was dashed. Farage “retired from politics” blaming death threats and stress, saying getting Brexit passed was enough. His supporters have kept following him though, and he has stayed in the news from consulting for Trump, as well as other local and global leaders, pushing his nationalist and anti-PC brand behind a lot of people. Despite all this, it really looked like Nigel was done with politics, as the election came up and all he had to input was that Theresa May should step down. Even though his party lost all the seats they had earned, he made no comment, other than that it was expected. What’s up with that? Well.

Just today, after the Tories failed to get majority, Farage announced that he’s back in politics. For someone who was supposed to be retired it seems like he never got out. It’s almost as if he was biding his time. It’s almost as if he was waiting for the two establishment parties to hang themselves in corruption and poor choices, and pave way for a strong voice to break the crowd. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I truly believe Farage has had this all planned out, realizing when the right time was to strike. Listen to Sky News or BBC, and all of them will be talking about how the Tories were counting on getting UKIP voters to go to their side, but instead they went Labour, costing Tories the majority. Guess who benefits from that?

Conspiracy or not, the last two days showed a lot about the general public. It shows that the younger generation is revolution crazed, still idolizing old white men who promise them socialism and government handouts. It shows that an entire ideological side in America is so disillusioned by their party loyalty that they have started to distort their own reality. We see that politics go way deeper than they seem, and if you dig a little bit people you might have thought were playing one way, never really were. Politics are a crazy game, but you can’t stick your head in the sand and ignore it, lest the corrupt get their way. Stay aware all, the future of democracy depends on it.

*There’s a great video from a great YouTube channel that talks about how modern politicians try to dirty nationalism. If you have some free time it’s worth the watch and the subscribe.


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