What Anti-Sharia Protests Teach Us About Both Sides

Here’s a hilariously bias propaganda piece by HuffPo on the protests:


Several cities across America today held what were supposed to be civil demonstrations against Sharia Law. The demonstrations were put on by a group called ACT for America, which is a non-profit anti-terror group in the U.S. which was founded by terror expert (and terror survivor) Brigitte Gabriel. The point of the protests was to raise awareness about the barbaric system that is Sharia Law, as well as point out to citizens that Islamic beliefs, whether extreme or moderate, are not compatible with western values, ethics, and laws. Unsurprisingly, every city that had a demonstration was met with a counter-protest, led by the usual freak show of masked losers like Antifa and other various leftist hate mobs. Fights broke out, both verbal and physical, cops were called, and overall, not a lot was accomplished as counter-protesters outnumbered the actual protesters by a hefty amount (probably because the counter-protesters are all unemployed). There are several things to cover here, so let’s get into it.

It’d be remiss of me to not start with a little background on the aforementioned Brigitte Gabriel, as her non-profit put on these protests. If you look up Miss Gabriel you will find a myriad of descriptions for her. One site will point out that she is a leading expert on defending against terrorists and her accomplishments have led her to speak at the UN, White House, and other prestigious locations. Another one will call her an anti-Muslim bigot who doesn’t understand the complexities of Islam. Yet another site will point out the scores of awards and honors she has received for her work, including getting knighted by the British. Something doesn’t line up here. The truth is, Gabriel is an incredibly intelligent author, lecturer, and conservative activist, who speaks out against the dangers of Islam because she lived through the Lebanese Civil War. As a Lebanese Christian, she saw firsthand the terrors that are brought by those who lead using Islamic values.

As a young child, she had to watch as her beautiful and thriving nation was torn apart by Islamic extremists. Before the Civil War, Lebanon had a reputation for being a very liberal, free, and progressive city, purely due to its secularity. Now, with Hezbollah and other surrounding terror groups the nation not only lost those aspects, but it’s unsafe to visit any city other than the capital of Beirut. Anyway, Gabriel’s family were Christians, which was a dangerous religion to be when the Muslims are taking over your country by force. Her family’s house was destroyed in a terror attack when she was young and the attack led to her getting injured by shrapnel. She then had to live in an underground bomb shelter for for years, spending her childhood in fear Muslim extremists would find and kill her family. In fact, she might have not survived these traumatic events if the Israeli military hadn’t invaded Lebanon, saving her family and wounded mother in the process. This led to Gabriel also possessing pro-Israeli viewpoints, as she realized they were the ones truly protecting the minority groups in the region, and the Muslim extremists were the ones killing them. You can imagine how experiencing all of these events would lead someone to have the beliefs they do, and you’d think they’d be taken seriously by pro-Islamic and leftist critics. Of course you’d be wrong.

The anti-Sharia marches were put on today by ACT because Gabriel, as well as her fellow activists, all recognize the threat of Islam being able to act unfettered in western society. She sees what happened not only to her home nation of Lebanon, but also to other nations in the Middle East who had relative progression until their secular governments were replaced by Islamic dictatorships. Her fellow members have seen the terrifying results from the mass migration of Islamic “refugees” to Europe, including the rapes, pollution, welfare reliance, and implementation of Sharia courts. Worst of all, they’ve all seen the left practically beg Muslims to keep coming, and refuse to report on the actual crimes that are being committed to avoid being called bigots. If you read the Huffington Post article I linked above, you’ll see that the writers mention none of this, instead just throwing every made-up slur possible at ACT and its members, calling them anti-Islamic bigots and neo-Nazis. They also make the counter-protesters, the scrawny losers who cover their faces with red and black masks and scream obscenities due to their inability to actually argue, seem like they’re heroes for standing up to this alleged “bigotry”. Why is this? I have an idea.

Whenever someone defends or attacks a group of people, the first thing you have to question is what that person gains from doing so. For example, when somebody defends the people of Israel, it’s because they genuinely think the Jewish people deserve a homeland, or that the democracy and freedoms the Israelis bring to the Middle East are beneficial. Those who attack them are obviously not against democracy, but rather gain social justice points for defending Muslims and Arabs due to their skin color. The anti-semitism that comes from this is hopefully accidental. So when Gabriel and other members of ACT speak out against Sharia and Islamic invasion, what they gain from it is the protection of the culture that has benefited so many and provided so many innovations and advancements. When people speak out for Sharia, again, they gain social street cred for defending Islam. I genuinely don’t think they recognize the threats to society it brings. I used to be in the ilk of Alex Jones who thought there was a global conspiracy when every publication would write about how great Islam was, and lie about Sharia and the Quran, claiming they were somehow compatible with western beliefs. Now though, I’ve come to accept that these journalists are just misinformed, and refuse to educate themselves, instead living in their own bubble of reality. This almost scares me more.

I genuinely believe that people will wake up to the horrors of Islam. The people of the left in European nations are already waking up to this. I know somebody at my university who is from Sweden, and when I first met her she would brag about how inclusive Sweden was, how progressive they were, and about how many immigrants they let in from Islamic nations. I talked to her just a month ago, and her tune was completely different. She admitted that she was terrified by how much rape had increased due to the migrants, how these and other crimes weren’t being reported by police, and how the government was doing nothing to protect its citizens to not appear racist. If this weren’t so tragic, I would relish in it. These people who pride themselves and identify as feminists, lgbtqai+ supportive, and liberals genuinely don’t recognize that Islam opposes all of these things until it’s too late. We need more events like the anti-Sharia march. People need to be educated first hand on the atrocities that take place because of it. More than that though, those who are aware of the facts need to push harder for legislation that protects our citizens from these toxic ideas. Female circumcision is now becoming an issue here in America again because of Islamic migrants. Hundreds have died here and abroad because of Islamic migrants who have been radicalized at their mosques. Non-Islamic women are being oppressed and forced to be prisoners in their own homes because their neighborhood is now being patrolled by violent Sharia enforcers. If thinking that these atrocities are both vile, yet preventable makes me a bigot, then so be it.

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