How Nintendo Gave Us All a Reason to Buy the Switch – E3 2017 Recap & Results

Here’s a trailer for the awesome new Mario game coming out this year:

If you’ve been keeping up with E3 the past few days, either through my previous blogs, through Twitch, or just through the general news train, then you’ve probably heard a lot of people referring to this year as the “Year of Meh”. Between the fairly solid, but not stellar Xbox showcase on Sunday, and Sony’s lackluster performance yesterday, fans of games were left disappointed. I have to admit, I was left disappointed too, to the point that I totally forgot that Nintendo still hadn’t had their conference yet. Honestly, I wasn’t looking forward to what Nintendo had to show, but by the end of the conference, not only was I surprised how good it was, but they might’ve had the best outing of the major three consoles. Let’s take a look at what they did so well.

More Metroid Baby!

Sure, all we got from Metroid Prime 4 was a title card, but that’s all we really needed from Nintendo. The Metroid Prime games are some of the highest rated and most revered games of all time, and fans everywhere have been clamoring for a new and improved version for years. With almost every other series getting a facelift or a reboot, fans everywhere wondered why Samus’ 3D adventures haven’t seen the light of day lately. So this title card and announcement, no matter how little info it contained, brought hope to a lot of gamers who have been for way too long for a new one. Even better, the spontaneity and lack of leaking boosted this announcement and got the hype train rolling.

New Kirby AND Yoshi Games

Keeping the good feels going, Nintendo also announced two brand new add-ons to their beloved platformers, Kirby and Yoshi. In a bold (and in my opinion smart) move, Nintendo is calling the new versions of these games on Switch just Yoshi and just Kirby. No subtitles or numbers. Just the names of the characters. This is a bold move as it establishes that these will be the definitive and best in their class versions of these games on Nintendo’s brand new console that we can tell they want to keep around for years to come. I just feel bad for future game historians who have to clarify which game they’re talking about. In even better news, these games got release windows for 2018, which means the Switch is going to see great new content coming in its future.

Rocket League and FIFA are coming to Switch

In possibly the best possible news for Switch success, Nintendo announced that both the new FIFA and massive success Rocket League are coming to the console. This is huge not only for Rocket League, who has seen crazy critical and commercial success on every system it released on, but also the Switch, as it gives their new audience a long-term multiplayer experience to latch on to, which in turn requires this new audience to pay into the Switch’s paid multiplayer service. Having FIFA is a no-brainer addition as well, as its pretty much the most universal and highest selling game year by year, so adding it onto the Switch line-up makes me optimistic about the console’s future.

Mario and Pretty Much Everything Else Looks Good!

Another astounding thing about this conference is that every game shown looked good. Mario Odyssey looks spectacular, the new Zelda packs are going to extra content for the already beloved game, heck, even the Rabbids/Mario crossover game gives me a good, if not silly vibe. Even better, a lot of these games come out this year, which is exciting news for further sales of the already hard to obtain console. This is what people expect from such an old company like Nintendo, and it’s good to see them back in their stride.


Nobody expected Nintendo to come out swinging, but that’s just what they did. Between the Metroid and Pokemon announcements, first party goodies like Mario, Zelda, Kirby and Yoshi, as well as awesome third parties like Rocket League, FIFA, and more, this was an amazing showcase from Nintendo. It was short, polished, and simple, and that’s all it had to be. Here’s my score:

Presentation: 8/10

Games: 10/10

Hardware: 8/10

User Experience: 9/10

Hype Level: 10/10

Overall: 9/10

Nintendo pulled off, in my opinion, the best conference of all of E3. Sure, if you’re a die hard Sony or Xbox fan, you’ll have seen things from their conferences that got you more excited for some of that content that they’re famous for. Deep down though, every gamer has a soft spot for Nintendo, and after the years of failure they saw with the WiiU, it’s good to see them as a legitimate contender for best in show. As long as they keep up this pace, I see Nintendo redeeming themselves in the minds and hearts of gamers everywhere.

E3 Verdict

Despite Nintendo’s great outing, I still think E3 2017 failed to achieve the same level of hype that the previous years have hit. This was a year of polish, giving gamers more of what they want, rather than reinventing the wheel and trying something new. While there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s left a lot of gamers feeling a little let down, but hey. Think about how many announced games on the wide array of systems that exist. Total up the hours of content out there, combine it with the fun and escapism that they allow, and combine that with the relative low cost of games in 2017, and it’ll make you feel lucky that you chose gaming as your hobby. I’m excited to try out almost everything coming out these upcoming months. Let me know below what you’re excited for, and whether or not you agree that Nintendo blew everyone else out the park in terms of showcases. I hope everyone enjoyed this little political interlude so I could talk about my other major love interest, games. Expect content like this whenever there’s major gaming news, because hey, we’ve all got to enjoy the little things every once in awhile.

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