Why We Should Be Worried About the Congressional Baseball Shooting

Here’s a pretty powerful account of the shooting from Senator Rand Paul:


After taking a short break from talking about politics, it looks like I’m back at it due to a horrendous event that took place in Alexandria, Virginia this morning. A deranged man named James Hodgekinson from Illinois armed himself with a rifle and made his way to Virginia, where American Congressmen, including Senators Rand Paul (R, KY) and Jeff Flake (R, AZ) were practicing for a bipartisan charity baseball game that would take place tomorrow. After asking a representative which team was the Republican one, Hodgekinson set himself up in an advantageous position and started firing upon the congressmen. Luckily, due to Majority Whip Steve Scalise being present at the practice, he was accompanied by armed security who were able to fire back and kill Hodgekinson. Unfortunately, Scalise, among several others were wounded in the shootout, with Scalise being in critical condition and rushed off to surgery. For the media outlets that weren’t still worrying about their made-up Trump/Russia narrative, the handling of this attack became very tricky when it came out Hodgekinson wasn’t an Islamic radical nor was he a southern bigot. Hodgekinson was a proud leftist and Bernie supporter, who helped out Bernie’s campaign and in his free time loved to watch shows like Last Week Tonight With John Oliver and The Daily Show. How could this be? Well let’s take a look.

For those wondering how it could be that a leftist could commit such an atrocity, I ask you to really consider what modern media and leftist culture has become. Bernie Sanders himself, who just recently declared himself the true voice of the modern left was a longtime admirer of the Soviet Union, supporter of Chavez and Venezuela’s Socialist Revolution and subsequent spiraling descent into poverty, and ran his bid for the presidency as a pseudo worker’s revolution. Rewatch old Bernie Sanders rallies (I know it’s hard to slug through but try) and really try to make out what the old loon is saying. Despite his old and frothing exterior*, what the senile dude is saying is borderline hate speech. He aggressively “others” people who worked hard for a living or found success in life and juxtaposes it against ethnic and social minority groups, implying through soft bigotry that the very system as it exists needs to be torn apart and a new one put in place. It’s crazy talk, but turns out a solid portion of Americans are willing to eat it up, and in the process become radicalized. The same is true of entertainment icons like Stephen Colbert, John Oliver, Rachel Maddow, and more, who day in and day out complain about what an evil, vile, bigoted, sexist, and corrupt pig Donald Trump is, yet at the same time feign surprise and horror when an evil is committed in their name.

Type Donald Trump into Google and look at what you see. No really, do it. Here’s what I got.


The top three stories literally talk about an investigation on Trump that has no basis in reality and has already been proven wrong, and the other is what Stephen Colbert had to say about the shooting of congressmen. You can imagine how somebody who devoutly believes what the left is promoting would really start to believe that the nation is under control of a murdering psychopath and how that would lead them to make a drastic action like the one taken today. The irony is the same argument the left takes against right wing media, saying people like Alex Jones or Glenn Beck are echo chamber fear mongers, applies to these mainstream left wing personalities as well. What’s even stranger to me is that somehow these mainstream outlets and personalities still act as if they have authority and that people take them seriously, despite them being proven wrong and bias time after time.

The irony here is that this blatant domestic terror attack did nothing for the political conversation in this nation. If Scalise’s armed security hadn’t been there, it’s safe to say that most of those Republican congressmen would have been killed today. If the roles had been reversed, and the shooter was a Trump supporter firing on Democrats, we wouldn’t hear the end of this day. If this man hadn’t been a manipulated pawn, radicalized by leftist hate speech, we would have heard every Hollywood figurehead and pop star crying about gun regulation. Instead, we get none of that. We get a halfhearted deflection from Senator Sanders. We get a somber quote from Senator Paul on Vox. We get a reluctant article about how Trump skipped out on his 71st birthday celebration to visit Scalise in the hospital, to see how he was faring and to wish him well. All of this of course was buried beneath CNN speculation over Trump colluding with Russia but hey, none of these outlets are profitable anyway, why not double down right? The takeaway here is to recognize that today was undoubtable proof that media programs people, and constant slander against our commander in chief can radicalize an average citizen to commit an act of terror. Let’s also not forget that the attacker was the only person to lose his life today. A 60 year old man. If you really think today was an “isolated incident”, let me remind you of how Manchester and London were “isolated incidents”.  I’m really hoping this lunacy ends at some point. We have three and a half years to go.

*Senator Sanders always reminds me of Woody Allen describing getting old at the beginning of Annie Hall. He implies that Jewish men have two routes, being sane and sexually active, or being senile and ranting about socialism in the middle of the grocery store. Guess Sanders chose the latter. Here’s a clip of the quote in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrxlfvI17oY 

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