What Karen Handel’s Win in Georgia Says About the State of the Democratic Party

Here are the stats of the election from the (failing) New York Times:



In case you weren’t paying attention, a huge political experiment was occurring in Georgia’s 6th district these past months. The former house of representatives member resigned from his position to take a spot in Trump’s White House, so the seat was open for the taking. The two people running to fill the role were Jon Ossoff and Karen Handel, and they couldn’t have been more representative of the parties they represent. Jon Ossoff is a 30 year old documentary filmmaker and Democrat, serving as a political aide for Rep. Hank Johnson. Just read any of his tweets and you’ll see him throw around flowery language that promises a bright future and social benefits that we’ve come to expect from America’s Democratic party. Handel meanwhile is a businesswoman and politician, having a longer history in Georgian politics, running for both the senate and governor positions and just narrowly getting beat out. What makes this election special though, as well as Handel’s win, is that this election represented more than just a house of representatives seat in Georgia. This was the first major election during Trump’s presidency, and the results were to reflect how American’s really felt about the GOP versus the establishment Democrats. Hilariously, this election showed exactly what mainstream media was worried about, and watching them backpedal has been nothing short of comedic. Before we take a look, check out CNN’s reaction to the results:


Other than being the perfect examples of what their parties stand for, these two candidates showed the divide that exists between the two major political parties in America. Handel campaigned on sensible Republican policies, including reducing spending, getting rid of Obamacare, changing taxes, and so on. Interestingly, she avoided the populist rhetoric that Trump and the alt-right have been pushing, and instead played a more moderate, yet still conservative stance. If you listen to modern democrats like Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, they act as if the policies of the GOP have no resonance with Americans, yet unless they’re running for the presidency or offering huge handouts in the form of welfare and tax breaks, they fail to get any real traction. This is what Ossoff represented, and in my opinion, is why he totally failed as a candidate. Just check his Twitter, and you’ll get an immediate feel for what kind of candidate Ossoff was. He pandered to minorities and young people in Georgia. He calls America under Trump a “dark time” but with “love and cooperation” Georgians could fight back against the evils of Republicans if only they #flipthe6th. Ugh. I mean just look at the pandering:


Obviously this was the failing strategy, as a young, inexperienced, SJW-type candidate had no appeal to the general voting populace. While this may seem harsh, and misguided as Ossoff only lost by a ~5% margin, when you look at campaign spending you’ll realize why.

What makes this election so historic is the fact that this is the highest costing house of representatives election in American history. Something in the the ballpark of $12 million were spent on these candidates, which when you break it down, it makes it even more fascinating. Of course it makes sense that this election would have a lot of money pumped into it. As mentioned earlier, this election was both party’s way of saying, “Look, our platform is the one American’s truly want”. The GOP wanted to show that it wasn’t just Trump himself that appealed to Americans, but rather working class values, lower taxes, and a new healthcare system that actually works, among other things. Democrats meanwhile are still riding the wave that Hillary won the popular vote, and thus her message resonated with more Americans, and winning the seat in Georgia would just be further proof that Trump’s election was a fluke. Obviously, Democrats had a larger stake in this election, as they have no control in any facet of American politics, being the minority in the house, senate, and obviously having lost the White House after 8 years of Obama. They must have really wanted that seat though, as it has come out that in the total campaign funding, Ossoff outspent Handel 7-1. That’s right, the most expensive house race of all time and the democratic candidate outspent Handel 7-1 and still lost by a ~5% margin. No matter what way you spin that, it’s a humiliating defeat, and honestly one the Democratic party would’ve suffered last year in the presidential election if they hadn’t rigged it. Big claim, I know, but this represents a bigger issue the Democratic party faces if they hope to be viable at all.

I’ll keep this short and probably expand in a later blog, but the Democratic party is running on a losing platform. They support mass amounts of untrained migrants from dangerous countries to come into our nation, promise massive amounts of welfare and benefits to those too lazy or too uneducated to work for a living, they remove every minority’s agency and power and reduce them to an inferior status than white Christian males purely to profit on the fear created from this, and most of all they pretend to be the voice of the people despite only being able to make that claim by buying out the media, arts, culture, and sciences to support them. As much as they wish it were so, money isn’t infinite, people aren’t as dumb as Democrats think they are, and America hates phonies and corruption above all else. So no matter how popular a candidate is on Twitter, or how attractive or adorable young girls think they are, or how many low education voters buy into giving up rights for “free” checks, most of America is smart enough to not buy into it. The idiotic and fact-void postmodern culture that the left supports is not one that people enjoy or want to be part of. Despite all the brainwashing that happens at college campuses, in Hollywood, and on mainstream media, enough of the nation still doesn’t buy the narrative America’s left is trying to sell. Due to this, it’s going to fail time after time, unless they make a change towards a political ideology that actually makes sense. Otherwise, they’re going to see more failure which let me be clear, I’m fine with, as long as they don’t blame Russia for it. 

If you have some free time, you can have some fun by reading about this election on major media sites. You’ll see them just earlier today saying that the policies of Trump have soured Americans on the GOP. You’ll see them say that the bright eyed message of tolerance that Ossoff has been spewing is what voters actually desire. Then read an article after Handel won, and you’ll see cover-up after cover-up as to why Ossoff lost. To steal a phrase from President Trump, “The GOP under Donald J. Trump is going to see so much success and victory that they’re gonna get tired of winning.” Sigh as much as you want at this bravado (I find it hilarious) but you have to admit he’s right. Americans are far more complex than the left wants you to think. Congratulations to Karen Handel for being the first woman from Georgia to be a representative in Congress. I hope to see many more Republicans join her in the 2018 elections.*


*As long as they actually do what we elected them to. Like not get us wrapped up in war with Syria, Iran, and North Korea. Or not be able to put together a healthcare plan that’s riddled with horrible policies. Or…

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