Why You Should Care About Trump’s Travel Ban, Limited or Not

Here’s an hilariously delusional post from WashPo that is a good litmus test for how delusional mainstream media is right now:



With a startling 9-0 decision from the U.S. Supreme Court today, Donald Trump’s proposed travel ban will be instated in a limited format. In actual practice, the limited version of Trump’s travel ban will be fairly tame, merely freezing visas and travel to six dangerous nations, including Iran, Yemen, Syria, Somalia, Libya, and Sudan. All of these nations are breeding grounds for terrorism and anti-Western thought, all of them being some of the most dangerous nations in the world today. The exception to the ban is that people with a “credible” reason to be in the U.S., such as having family, employment, or being a student at a U.S. institution, will be immune to the travel freeze. The ban will also only last for 90 days, and refugees will not be taken in from these nations for 120 days. The short duration of this ban is due to the President working on getting some more permanent legislature put into place that will have a greater effect on how travel in these dangerous countries work, as well as giving time for the courts to determine the legality and ethics of such a decision.

What irks me most about this entire situation is that just like every other decision made by Trump, its been met with extreme overreaction from the left without an ounce of logic being applied to the situation. Opponents of having a travel ban keep showing pictures of disheveled families riding boats, shielding their children, looking towards the Statue of Liberty in hope. Not only is this disingenuous, but it ignores the realities of the situation. Not only are most migrants coming from these regions 18-35 year old men, but why would we want people from nations we’re at war with to come here anyway? If tomorrow, North Korea declared war on us and launched a terror attack on our borders, the response wouldn’t be to keep all travel wide open to that nation and take in hundreds of thousands of military aged Korean men into our nation. Especially when there are more culturally comparable nations nearby that North Koreans would be able to integrate with, rather than having to root up and move to America, forcing them to learn English, learn a new trade, enroll in our already strained welfare systems, etc. Apply this same logic to every Islamic nation that we’ve been at war with these past decades, and it makes no sense to be having the free travel that we currently do with this region, without at least an intense vetting process.

The important thing to note here is that if you’ve been consistently voting or supporting America’s left these past decades, you’ve been politically and morally inconsistent. Obama dropped more bombs on foreign countries than any other president. He’s the only president to have ever been at war for all 8 years of his presidency (yet still won a Nobel Peace Prize). His Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, destabilized more nations (Libya, Egypt, Syria, supported ISIS) than Bush managed to. Obama and the Clinton’s increased the U.S.’s support of Saudi Arabia, doing billions of dollars worth of trade with a nation that supports terror groups and stomps all over human rights. Now that Trump’s president, the left can’t suddenly start taking the moral high ground on foreign policy, when they have the blood of millions on their hands. They haven’t even tried to hide this hawkish foreign policy, just look up figures like Obama and Clinton acted when the second wave of footage came out of Syria where children were attacked with chemical weapons. Before the international community could even confirm it was Assad who had committed these domestic attacks, Clinton was publicly calling for Trump to take up military action against Syria. Major figures on the left stood by and for once kept their mouths shut as Trump blew up a Syrian air base, that ironically had been protecting a local Syrian Christian village from being raided and destroyed by violent Islamists.

My point with all this is that you have to intellectually honest with this situation. This isn’t just a black and white issue. There are layers to consider here, and saying that this travel ban prevents women and children seeking asylum in the U.S. is a gross simplification of the matter. Even painting the migrants as majority women, children, and elderly is incorrect, as over 70% of migrants from these nations have been 18-35 year old single males. As a nation the American people have stood by and let these countries get leveled and destroyed, turning them into ample breeding grounds for terror. We can’t suddenly take an isolationist and Muslim sympathetic stance on immigration just because you started seeing pictures of children getting affected by these conflicts. I’ve actually been told by multiple people I go to university with that the same image from Aleppo moved them to be against any kind of travel ban. The original picture is on the left, how the kid looks now is on the right.

This child, whose picture managed to move a lot of intellectual people I know into changing their stance on the acceptance of Syrian migrants, ended up being totally fine and his family are supporters of Assad. Propaganda, you work yet again.

At the end of the day, I do recognize that America is a nation made up of immigrants. That being said, America’s success has been due to being largely homogeneous its first century, and then enforcing assimilation and American first policies the rest of its existence. Immigration didn’t always benefit the U.S. either, think about the decades of strife major cities faced due to the Italian and Jewish mobs. Think about the countless deaths caused by the current unchecked immigration coming out of Mexico and South America. Think about the genital mutilation and breakouts of disease in areas with high Muslim immigration these past years, like Michigan. I love how the left prides itself on progress, yet bases its immigration policy off of calling back to sentiments to the past, back to the days that America didn’t have crippling welfare programs and seemingly permanent foreign entanglement in the Middle East. The travel ban raises questions not only on who we should be letting in, but also in how we should be handling ourselves abroad. We have a unique opportunity to redefine ourselves these upcoming years with President Trump. Every decision we make is being watched on the global sphere, and their implications will undoubtedly have long-lasting effects. Be sure to keep an eye on Trump and the courts these upcoming months. The safety of our nation can depend on it.

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