Summer Nights: Going to the Drive-In Theater



As a movie buff and a film student, I’m ashamed to admit that up to this point, I’ve never experienced the joy of going to a drive-in movie theater. I’ve always enjoyed the idea of a drive-in, bringing your own car, stocking up on snacks, and praying that the weather holds up enough to enjoy the full film. There’s something distinctly American about the experience, it combines movies, car culture, and individual spaces into one location. I’m glad to say that I finally got to experience this neat action first hand, and with the new Spider Man film no less.

I’ll be doing a full review of Spider Man: Homecoming tomorrow, once I fully digest the film, but short story is that I loved it and I think I liked it more because of the atmosphere I saw it in. I’ve seen movies in a lot of venues, in different theaters all over. Up to this point, I’m still a fan of the Alamo Drafthouse, as I enjoy being able to pound down some nachos and bottomless popcorn while I watch some indie film. That being said, I’ve never really had an experience like the drive-in. Being able to loudly make jabs at the film’s writing and laugh as loud as I wanted to at good scenes was a big plus and only possible because I was enclosed in a vehicle. Sure, the quality of the screen wasn’t top class, but it was still good enough for me to not have reason to complain. Above all else, being able to get comfortable in a car with my girlfriend and munch on my own food made watching a new film all the more enjoyable.

Who needs a leather theater seat when you have a comfy car?

I highly recommend going to the drive-in if your town or city has one. Go on an off night, so you don’t have to worry much about families or excess crowding, and I bet you’ll be able to have one of the most memorable movie experiences. The price of the drive-in is also super affordable, a lot of the time offering back-to-back screenings of two newer films, so if you’re wanting to see a movie but not wanting to commit to full theater prices, drive-in is probably a solid alternative. I’m super glad I got to experience such a cute, small town feeling venue this Summer, and it goes to show you can find a good time outside of massive film cities like Austin or LA.

Yes, we wore DC socks to a Marvel film. We’re the worst.

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