Why You Should Support Austin Petersen For Missouri Senate

The political glass ceiling was completely shattered this last November when Donald J. Trump won the presidency. We collectively saw the destruction of the Republican Party as we knew it, and suddenly both politicians and the media recognized that being a “political outsider” was an attractive quality and not some elitist insult. While I think Trump was important in crushing the expectations of the traditional two-party system, I don’t think that we should suddenly start populating our legislative branch with more alt-right Trumpies. In fact, I think we should avoid appointing anyone that aligns themselves too closely with Trump, not only because of the faux-conservatism of the alt-right, but also because we’d be missing out on an incredible opportunity in this nation. Trump winning essentially allowed the right to reset and try to find its legs again, and we’d be missing out if we didn’t take this opportunity to finally start putting in people with libertarian values, who value the constitution and respect the rights of the individual. If you think Donald Trump was the end-all to fixing this country, then I’d like to remind you of the failure that repealing Obamacare and giving citizens the option to choose their own health care has been, thanks completely to the outdated Republicans still holding office. We need to start populating the senate with real constitutionalists, and we have an opportunity to do that in Missouri, with former Libertarian Presidential Candidate Austin Petersen.

Why I Like Austin Petersen

I’ve written already on why I don’t support the Libertarian Party, and I think Gary Johnson represented everything I had issues with in that lengthy blog. The soft stance and middle road that Johnson represented bothered me, and every time I saw an Aleppo meme during the Presidential Race of 2016, all I could think was how much of a better state the Libertarian Party would’ve been in if Austin Petersen had won the nomination. What I appreciate about Petersen is that he doesn’t have the stink of being a political elite, while also still conducting himself in a manner that doesn’t seem unprofessional. That’s not to say he’s stuffy by any means, the guy knows how to communicate, and is one of the most modern people I’ve seen run for office. To get a feel for Petersen and his stance on political matters, I think the best place to look is his interview on the Rubin Report, one of my favorite new media political shows. You can check out the interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPVHzZB7gog&ab_channel=TheRubinReport

All that being said, Petersen also represents the political stances I’ve been backing for a while now in my Radical Centrist movement. Although a Libertarian, Petersen represents the side of the party that purely wants the government out of an individual’s life, while also keeping moral conscious and the well-being of others in mind, which is something people in the Anarcho-Capitalist branch typically fail at in my opinion. When you break down his beliefs point by point, they hold up as consistent, which isn’t surprising as they’re based off of rights afforded by the Constitution.

Where He stands on the Issues

Health Care –

He wants to repeal Obamacare, and allow citizens to have the right to choose the quality of health insurance they want. Health care, like almost everything, is best left to the marketplace, as this ensures people have the widest array and best options when it comes to how they want to cover themselves. He’s knowledgeable enough to point out that forcing everyone to be insured through government health care drives rates up and forces people into insurance that isn’t helpful to anyone. Lastly, he points out that the government shouldn’t be paying for insurance companies, just like it shouldn’t be paying off big banks. I always found it funny how people hate their money going towards large corporations, yet somehow think it’s fine when that large corporation is related to health care.

Taxes –

The bane of anyone who actually earns an income in this nation, basically everybody agrees that the way we do taxes needs to be changed. Petersen has an hilarious quote on his site, “If cigarette taxes are meant to discourage people from smoking, what are income taxes supposed to stop people from doing?”

Although Petersen is against the income tax in general, the compromise on his website is to first establish a flat tax of 15% across the board, as well as removing the self-employment tax. I’ve never understood how Democrats or Republicans can claim that they have people’s best interest in heart, yet publicly raise their taxes to unspeakable levels. Petersen recognizes this, and on top of all of this wants to make the tax system easier for the average person to do. Having somebody like this in Senate is always a good thing.

Criminal Justice Reform –

Possibly the area I agree with Petersen the most on, his stance on criminal justice is possibly the one that makes him the most Libertarian. Petersen is totally against the War on Drugs, and feels that the anti-drug systems currently in place force an entire segment of the American population into permanent imprisonment, instead of finding ways to aid them and help them heal from their dependencies. He smartly compares the War on Drugs to Prohibition, pointing out the dangers the populace faces when the government turns the consumption or use of a substance into a criminal offense.

Foreign Policy & Spending

I lumped these two together because they’re somewhat related. In terms of foreign policy, Petersen is against the nation building and foreign involvement we’ve partaken in for far too long. I agree that we’ve spent way too much money and lost too many lives for literally nothing but financial gain for people like the Clinton’s and whoever else gets paid by the Saudis. He states an America First policy on his site, and I couldn’t agree more. In terms of spending, Petersen wants to focus on getting a balanced budget amendment passed to the Constitution, in order to ensure the trillions of debt racked up every year by Congress doesn’t keep spiraling America into it’s doom.

It’s Time For Real Change

If any of that makes sense to you, or even if you’re just a Missourian who wants to finally see change in this country, you should vote for Austin Petersen in the 2018 Senate Race. The incumbent, McCaskill has done nothing of benefit to this nation, and having her get a fourth term representing Missouri would be a shame. The other Republican candidate, Tony Monetti seems like a good person, but voting for him would simply be putting another establishment style Republican in office, meaning that we won’t actually get any positive change in this nation. These upcoming elections are giving us Americans the power to choose who represents us in these trying times, and it’s time we finally started voting for people who put the individual and the Constitution first. Austin Petersen is one of those people, and that’s why I’m supporting him in his race for U.S. Senate, and why you should too.

Check out Austin Petersen’s Website, as it has options to follow him, donate, volunteer, and read up more on where he stands and who he is: https://www.austinpetersen.com/

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