Spicer Leaves as Scaramucci Takes Over

Something the Trump Presidency has suffered from greatly these past six months is that he doesn’t have the backing of the media, and thus the goodwill of the coastal elites. I totally recognize by the way, that Trump’s entire appeal was that he was fighting back against globalists and Democrats and helping make America great again, don’t get me wrong, but at the same time just doing a good job isn’t enough. Sure, I’ve been stoked about a lot that Trump’s managed to accomplish these past months, he’s getting rid of regulations, doubling down on anti-terror and cracking down on illegal immigration, and he’s still trying to fight the good fight on health care. None of this matters come November 2020 though when Trump fails to secure the primary because of years of horrible coverage and record-low approval ratings. The solution then is not to change tactics, if your company is making a profit there’s no need to change what you’re doing, instead, Trump needs to focus on the delivery. Thankfully, it seems today that Trump is doing just that with the appointment of Anthony Scaramucci as communications director, and the permanent hiring of Sarah Huckabee Sanders as the press secretary. Early reporting made this switch seem like a hostile takeover, but truthfully, things might be better than they seem.

Tit for Tat

Trump’s been playing an interesting game in his bid and win for the White House, cleverly making sure that for every one of his nationalist types that he appointed (think Bannon and Gorka) that he also put in a more traditional GOP RINO as well (think Priebus and Spicer). This has seemed to work fairly well so far, with Trump getting his way in most cases and the Republican establishment just being happy to be in the White House again. The major squeaky wheel this entire time has been in Sean Spicer, who’s been in an essentially abusive relationship with the President and the press. The press has been brutal in its bias towards Trump, leaving Spicer having to defend him, and himself as he got badgered for every slip-up and flub. Dinosaurs like SNL and the Simpsons all made jabs at Spicer, SNL having him portrayed horribly by Melissa McCarthy, and the Simpsons constantly showing Spicer having hung himself from the stress. Pair this with Spicer supposedly getting massive amounts of pressure from both Priebus and the President about his actions and inability to get any good faith towards the presidency, and you have a recipe for disaster. It leaves me feeling bad for Spicer, who actually has about 30 years of experience working in communications, and is well liked, even personally by the same journalists that bag on him publicly. This all leads to today, with Spicer announcing that he’s leaving his position following the hiring of Wall Street veteran and New Yorker Anthony Scaramucci.

Escape From New York

Scaramucci came into the scene with style today, totally nailing his first press conference, and impressing members of both the left and right. He has the same New York bravado and charisma that other famous folk who hail from there possess, but there’s a certain level of smoothness that he brings that people like Trump and Giuliani are missing. To my surprise, and everybody else’s, Scaramucci didn’t dodge the gotcha questions the press had ready for him today, but instead caught the balls they threw at him and tossed them right back. I was actually happy to see his initial statements, claiming that it was unfair that the media has been so bias as of late and that they need to work harder on ensuring they tell the truth. He also said that the Trump Presidency has been on track and doing great things, and he wants to help mend the disconnect between the media and the Trump/American People. Most notably, was his constant claim that he reports directly to Trump and relays what Trump will want him to, which is actually different from poor Spicer who had to relay his information through several filters, including Priebus. Whether or not this is a further jab at the Republican establishment isn’t certain right now, but whatever his reasoning, Trump just bought himself some good will with the press with the hiring of Scaramucci, as well the appointment of Sarah Huckabee as the actual press sec.

Final Thoughts

Of course these are all first impressions of Scaramucci, from a half hour press conference early this morning. That being said, being in the White House newsroom takes a certain level of energy, skill, and charisma, and Scaramucci nailed it. I’m excited to see if he can really get the press to turn around on Trump, as I’ve gotten totally dejected by how low the mainstream has stooped these past months. I recognize that I’ve spent a lot of time on this blog promoting independent journalistic sites, and I still do, but at the same time wouldn’t it be nice if the main media companies were on our side too? Instead of giving those institutions up to the wolves, why not try to take them back and correct them to be what they should, factual, honest, and competent. While it sort of sucks for Spicer to have to leave like he did, I think it reflects positively on his character that he was willing to pull chocks on the his position, recognizing that him staying on would mean all of his bad credibility would weigh on any new hires. Unlike many other people, I’m not worried that Scaramucci history is in the Democratic Party, as I feel any of these New York business types liked the Democrats until they realized what eight years of Barack Obama did to the country. Plus, I don’t see any issue with the decision to put in people who are historically Democrats as it fits Trump’s pragmatic track record, if he did otherwise I’d be worried. Thanks to Scaramucci’s strong showing today, I’m looking forward to press coverage coming out of the White House to be more positive these upcoming months. I could totally be wrong and we’ll be getting more of the same, but hey, a guy can dream.

Here’s Scaramucci’s full conference if you wanna see him in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Fqbv1BSh2E&ab_channel=CBSNewYork

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