The Drama Around the Google Manifesto Explained

In case you missed it, there has been drama brewing inside everybody’s favorite search engine/tech giant/global corporation Google the past couple of days, and the news has done an excellent job as always covering up the actual discussion that could be raised over the matter. For those unaware, an engineer at Google wrote a manifesto that he then spread around the office, claiming that company policies that enforce diversity quotas over meritocracy are harmful to business, and are born out of biological and behavioral patterns, and not some evil patriarchy or bigotry. Further, he stated that the extreme lack of females in STEM is not because of a lack of encouragement for women to get into the field, but rather because of women being biologically wired to pursue different fields and career choices. Finally, he stated that Google’s real diversity problem is in having a very liberal work environment, where conservative or even just contradictory voices are shut down and diversity of thought in that regard is not encouraged. These statements line up with Google itself facing charges for there reportedly being a huge pay gap between men and women in the company, and apparently this has created a massive push for diversity and sensitivity training in the workplace, thus prompting the creation of the manifesto. Since the manifesto was leaked by offended Google employees, the current CEO of Google has issued a response, saying that he agrees Google could be more inclusive with diversity of thought, but that claims that there are biological differences between men and women are false and harmful. Other Google employees and members of the tech industry spoke out saying that STEM is actually more engineered towards female strong points, that all the women in STEM are heroes, and other various virtue signaling statements. Subsequently, the engineer who crafted the document was fired from Google, thus raising some very serious concerns over the state of our workforce.

All Men Are Created Equal?

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The first and deepest layer of this story that’s worth covering is the ongoing debate over how to handle sex and gender differences in the workforce, and whether or not biological differences truly exist. First off, yes, biological differences exist, and every scientific study and consensus agrees that men and women are inherently different from birth, gender conditioning and behavioral factors aside. The irony of this debate is that just a week ago, we saw the mainstream news defend transgendered people, saying that their desire to be a different sex/gender was totally normal, and not a mental or behavioral disorder at all. Using this logic then, that means that transgendered people are biologically born into the wrong sex, and their brain doesn’t like it because they have a female brain in a male’s body or vice versa. For this to be true, that then means that gender and sex are biologically tied to a person’s birth, and are not the fluid mushy spectrum that the comedy writer’s on Bill Nye’s show want you to think. Every study ever has shown that men and women are wired differently, and this extends way deeper and further than issues of patriarchy or Abrahamic society.

When the engineer says that men and women are biologically different, and this causes differences in interests, hobbies, goals, and general preferences. The funny thing here is that decades of advertising and centuries of neuroscience all support these claims, yet a couple decade old radical Marxist sect of society has somehow convinced people the opposite. Look at media critics of the engineer’s statements, and you’ll see them all criticize his argument by saying that he cited no sources for his claims, yet they don’t cite any sources to prove him wrong. Ironically, just use Google (oh the irony) to look up studies on the matter, and every single one will point to the undeniable proof that men and women, as well as different races and ethnicities are wired differently. In an attempt to remove all boundaries for folks of all types, people on the side of social justice have instead looped back around to the side of discrimination, as systems like diversity quotas cause Caucasians and men to lose jobs or not get hired in order for equally or less qualified people of non-white or non-male identity to take their place.

We All Bleed

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The interesting issue in talking about whether or not women choose to not be in STEM or if its society not allowing them, is that it doesn’t take into account the reality of population proportions. The United States is still mostly White and English speaking as of now, and funny enough there are more women than men. If Google cared about full diversity in its ranks, then not only would it ensure that there are more women getting involved in STEM, but also that there would be more Black and Hispanic employees. As of right now, ~40% of Google’s employees are East Asian, and only ~1% are Black. When people talk of diversity in STEM, they always seem to be worried about the gender discrepancy, which as I previously noted was biological, women enjoy more human interfacing careers, thus their prevalence in nursing, gender studies, grade school teaching, while men prefer jobs that give them the most amount of prestige and resources, accounting for them to make up more of the doctoring, engineering, and programming fields. Break this down by race though, and you notice that there is a similar disproportion between White and non-White groups in STEM as there is between men and women. If you look at population proportions as well as IQ distributions, representation is exactly where you would expect it be. Asians and Ashkenazi Jews have an incredibly high representation rate in all industry and fields despite their incredibly low population proportion because of, guess what, biological factors. Both of these groups have incredibly high IQ rates, well above those of whites, thus accounting for their ability to socially climb into such high ranks. Conversely, looking at IQ rates for Hispanic or Black populations in the US, you find that they score below the 100 point average, which would then account for their low representation rates, along with their already low existing populations within the United States.

Ask any person who supports racist societal systems like Affirmative Action and propose to them their removal in favor of a color/gender-blind, truly merit-based system. Not a single person would agree to that, and after recent research, it’s clear to see why. Several large companies on Wall Street tried a purely merit based system of hiring on both their lower and higher positions, where submitted resumes contained no names or identifying information, only a list of accomplishments and skills. Almost beyond belief, no women were selected using this process of hiring, which led existing female workers to question if they were only there for diversity reasons. Even the women who already held higher positions, when placed in a purely merit based system, couldn’t hold their spot because they had been bumped up slots in the name of equality, over actual interests. This has lead to recent questions over the mythical pay gap, as recent studies have reported that unmarried women under 30 actually make more money in the same exact job than their male counterparts, and that any pay gaps in the economy come from female behavioral choices (taking less hours, having children, etc) and not oppression. If you want to claim that it isn’t fair that women have to suffer professionally for making the decision to procreate and such, then you first have to admit that there then of course biological differences and different behavioral choices that women have to make that men don’t, and that attempts to equalize the workforce is due to the fact that men and women are not biologically equal. Just like the Google engineer who wrote the manifesto, there is in fact nothing wrong with these differences, and it’s in no mean a way to say that one sex or gender has superiority over the other, as that is never the case. The difference then, is merely that in these instances science is being ignored for the sake of feelings, and for some reason society no longer takes correlation and patterns as anything but a tool of bigotry, which when looking at areas like Detroit and Chicago, begins to explain some things.

What’s the Solution?

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What I find most sad about this entire situation is that the source that the media have been using to rebuttal the engineer with, is the Vice President of Diversity within Google. This Vice President came out and said that no such differences exist between genders, that discrimination against conservative viewpoints isn’t as big an issue as the oppression of females in society, and that diversity is always and will always be a good thing. If you didn’t catch the title of this lady’s job, it is “Vice President of DIVERSITY”. If you don’t think there is a conflict of interest for somebody with such a title to be used as the authority on such a matter, then maybe the issue lies even deeper than a misunderstanding of biology and social factors. At the end of the day, I’m all for varying viewpoints in all career fields. With my experience in coding and video game fields, leaders typically stop everyone to ensure that the female or minority point of view is heard loudest above all others, and there is no lack of scholarships, grants, promotion, and resources for non-White/non-Male folk to get involved in STEM. The fact of the matter is, grade schools have been pushing coding and science courses on girls for years now, and we’ve seen barely any indication that this has increased attachment or interest on their part. Just like how researchers discovered that men who were castrated at a young age still identify as men and exhibit masculine traits throughout their lives, women still find themselves pushing more towards social and artistic studies these days.

When you take into account that Silicon Valley and Google are the cream of the crop when it comes to the field of technology, and considering that they hire based off of merit, it makes sense that Ashkenazi Jews and East Asians dominate these fields, with their disportionately high IQ rates and behavioral leaning towards preferring these fields. The solution to this lack of representation then, is simple. The only solution is to ensure that genuinely no barriers exist for any person to achieve a position, and if this results in a lack of diversity, then increase educational resources for these underrepresented groups to take interest in these fields. If this doesn’t improve attachment rates to STEM, then maybe it’s time to recognize that the diversity we have, is the diversity that we will get, and the challenge then is just to ensure that different viewpoints are circulated and challenging ideas are allowed to be raised. Firing an employee because he raised genuine concerns, and then having online publications who flourish because of your search engine post articles denouncing said employee is not an example of embracing free thought or speech. It really makes one wonder where the disconnect is, especially when huge and popular movies like Blade Runner exist. Where in those worlds, where large, multinational tech companies who take over the world, censoring free thought and speech with violence and propaganda did everybody decide that it was best to replicate that? If there was a meeting, I obviously wasn’t there, and if that’s the course we’re heading on, then it’s time to correct course before we’re all forced to abandon ship.

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