Evil Doesn’t Just Exist When You Want it To

Looking at my nation today, I’m left feeling nothing but disgust. Not just at the wannabe Nazis venting their anger in Virginia today, but also at every single “counter protester” and at every single person who took to the internet today to virtue signal how bad racism is, as if that wasn’t apparent. As for Richard Spencer and the so called “White Nationalists”, they are a disgrace to society, and shouldn’t be taken any more seriously than the angry toothless Hicks down South who unironically have “The South Will Rise Again” signs. The basis for their concern is legitimate, there is a massive cultural shift in this nation that predicates around male and white hatred, and to people in my generation who have done nothing that could be considered antagonistic towards others, it’s easy to feel victimized, especially at places like college campuses and internet circles. That being said, these typically privileged White folk have had their minds poisoned by charlatans like Richard Spencer, thinking somehow that carrying torches and using old racist iconography, they can somehow inspire a nation of 330 million people to switch back to how things were a century ago. As a conservative, I despise people like this, as they make anyone with non-progressive viewpoints have to deny association, and cheapen the beautiful rebirth we’ve been experiencing with the political revolution under Trump.

On the other hand, idiots like these will always exist, you see them pop up in Greece due to the failing economy, in Italy because of uncontrolled immigration, and in Israel because of non stop anti-Semitism and terror. Equally as dangerous to me are this new breed of social justice fighters, who turned the protests in Virginia into an all out violent affair, which is unacceptable. Watching the news and seeing women brainwashed by society into thinking they can fight Nazis, and then seeing them get utterly creamed by some dorky White kid skipping summer class. Tuning into Twitter, people are universally outraged that Trump had the audacity to condemn both sides of the fighting, almost as if violence itself is unacceptable and Trump was avoiding bias. When a car slammed into the crowds of protestors, killing 3 and injuring more, people assumed it was the nationalists, calling it an act of terror. People shared this news around and have been using it as a reason why Trump should be removed from office, as if mass amounts of murder and riots haven’t been occurring in this whacky nation every year under every recent president. The media is just now choosing to cover it, and every single sheep is falling for it.

Evil doesn’t just exist when you want it to. That disgusting feeling that develops when you look at a bunch of white fools marching with torches and fighting with unemployed college kids is the same way most of America has felt watching the thugs in Berkeley burn down their city because of free speech rallies. It’s the same disgust we feel when Islamic terrorists and illegal immigrants murder our fellow Americans. It’s the same disgust we feel when Black Lives Matters destroys town and loots stores in the name of racial equality. As a Jew going to a college campus, I’ve watched friends and professors aid, donate, and support Palestinian groups on campus who actively call for the destruction of Israel and the removal of Jews from the Middle East. I’ve felt terrified as black class Antifa members roam in packs around Austin threatening to beat up White people and Trump supporters just minutes after a Black student had stabbed a fellow classmate to death, for “no apparent reason”. Understand me when I say that these White Nationalists are pathetic, but at the end of the day they don’t have the political or social credibility that you are pretending to give them. They’re merely disgruntled Whites, upset for all the reasons I’ve been laying out in other blogs. All I ask is that everyone recognize that there is no difference between these White supremacists, and the Black, LGBTQ+, Muslim, Hispanic, and Women Supremacists that have been weaponized and politically charged through media and universities these past years. We cannot accept this vile, divisive behavior any longer. A nation divided cannot stand, and people did not fight and die for the preservation of this nation for the extreme 1% of either spectrum to ruin it for us. It’s clear that the two political routes are not working anymore, they’re tainted with the evils of the extreme. It’s time to re-establish order in this nation, and it’s not going to be through “brave” social media posts nor will it be through physically beating up dorky teenagers and scrappy women. It’s only through truth, reason, and a burning desire to change the world for the better that will fix this nation, and it takes every single one of us in this country committing ourselves to make it better. No more hate, no more supremacist marches, no more riots, no more violence, and no more separation. At the end of the day we’re all American, and that overrides all other forms of pointless identity. Grow up America, or else we’ll be our own doom. I’m not sure we can survive another civil war.

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