Bitcoin is Stronger Than Ever After Fork; 2nd Fork Announced For November 2017

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The scary Bitcoin fork that occurred on August 1 has come and gone, and the world of crytpocurrency has been doing fairly well since then. Bitcoin has hit unprecedented heights this past week, breaking $4500 and raising $2000 since last month. Bitcoin Cash, the new currency that was created after the fork, hit $300, which is about where Ethereum, another large cryptocurrency is currently at.

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August has been fairly interesting for cryptocurrencies, as several companies have created their own in an attempt to expand and grow the blockchain market. Notably, tech millionaire John McAfee co-founded his own called McAfee Coin, which is based on a really neat concept and worth the look. You can check out the website here: 

For those who currently have money invested in cryptocurrency, as always its best to hold and watch as the value of currencies continue to rise. For those looking to get into trading or holding digital currencies, its rumored right now that another hard fork will occur in November, this time based more on the mining side of the blockchain’s functions. We’ll probably see a dip in value as we approach this time, so October to November might be a good time to buy in. If you don’t have a Bitcoin wallet, think about getting your own, as it may come in handy soon. Coinbase is a system that a lot of people like and enjoy.

As always, the power of a decentralized, powerful digital currency proves to be valuable in the modern era, and now more than ever is as good of a time to hop in. For those of you who were skeptical a year ago, the value of Bitcoin has only doubled, and those who believed have gotten rich off of recognizing the beauty of the blockchain. To end, I leave you with an article from John McAfee himself, eloquently explaining why cryptocurrency isn’t merely a bubble, but a revolution for the economy.

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