Are Drone Strikes Ethical?

In a change up for this week, I’m going to ask readers to vote before I wrote the blog. If you could vote on this blog, over whether or not you find drone strikes ethical, I’ll write about the results, as well as some input over the Trump administration’s recent attacks in Libya. Please vote […]

Why Fall is the Best Season

The weather in Texas has been exactly what you’d expect from the Lone Star State lately, with the daily forecast being reduced to a jumble of worthless adjectives and predictions. In just a few hours, Texas goes from burning hot, to pouring rain, to sticky humidity, and back to being burning hot again. On the […]

Republicans Turn on Sen. Rand Paul as Trump Pressures Republicans to Deliver on Health Care

As news broke today that Senator John McCain wouldn’t be supporting the new Republican healthcare bill, I lost whatever little faith I had in the Republican Party and the political establishment. I’ve mentioned before that health care and immigration are the two greatest concerns of this nation’s citizens, and Republicans have gained their newfound party […]