Trump and the Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

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The onslaught of negative media attention that President Trump has received throughout his entire tenure in the White House has diminished this past week as he shifted his attention from foreign policy and drama amongst his staff, to the more pressing and devastating concern of Hurricane Harvey. President Trump has handled the recovery situation incredibly well, and unlike other disasters like Katrina, Hurricane Harvey has been one giant tale of communal cooperation. The fact that the President has only been criticized for the outfits his wife wore when he visited Texas, as well as his apparent bragging about the size of the crowd at his speech, it acts as proof that Trump has been doing such a good job that these are the only complaints the media can conjure up.

What is so vital about Trump handling the events after Harvey well is that a President’s ultimate job is to serve as the embodiment of the spirit of the American people. While more critical and intense debates can be had over the role of the executive in the government, I feel as if every president to some degree acts as the mascot for the nation for the upcoming four to eight years. What made so many people mad at Former President Obama during his tenure wasn’t that he made scores of horrible decisions during important events, it was that he seemed to do nothing, and to never represent us in a positive light. Every time America could have benefited from having a strong president in office these past eight years, we were stuck with the silent Obama, who occasionally came out of his forced silence to criticize cops and further stoke racial tensions, before disappearing again. What we have with Trump is somebody who recognizes that he is America’s mascot, and plays the part to the fullest extent. This is why Trump constantly brags about how much he’s going to help us “win”, this is why Trump is so concerned with statistics and numbers, and this is why the second Hurricane Harvey was over, he and his wife flew down to Houston in order to help with disaster relief and do his part in raising morale for the American people. The fact that dozens of pictures have gone viral of Trump taking selfies with African American families and holding small children, yet almost no mainstream outlets have shared these touching moments further indicates how much of the mainstream’s agenda these days is to stoke fires and cause disunity, instead of helping us gather around a joined narrative.

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While Hurricane Harvey truly was a devastating storm, the people of Texas have come out in full force to help those in their state that were negatively affected. The amount of food, water, and supplies that have been donated, as well as the sheer manpower that has made it’s way to the flooded city is truly inspiring, and I have no doubts that the city will get back on it’s feet in no time. That being said, we are already seeing the effects of the storms on the oil industry, as prices have been fluctuating. Even more concerning is the artificial gas shortages popping up throughout Texas, where hundreds of gas stations have been claiming their pumps are empty, while upon inspection are actually full. The Texas Railroad Commission (which is in charge of Oil and Gas suspiciously) has claimed that there indeed is no oil and gas shortage, yet people all over the state are still claiming long lines for single pumps and that prices are skyrocketing. I want to chalk this up to individual businesses taking advantage of a disaster situation, but it’s still strange nonetheless.

Between the money raised, the supplies donated, and the insane amount of support Houston has received this past week, it really does make one feel as if there’s hope for this nation after all. We saw social media save lives as crucial information was instantly shared to Texas’ residents, and we also saw the power of strong will and shared community. When disasters happen, the last thing we need is for people to be tearing each other apart for useless political ideologies or socio-economic concerns. Seeing pictures of the President serving food and aiding volunteers in Houston, I almost felt like I was living in a different nation for couple days, one where we all got along for the sake of each other’s well being. Savor these rare days while they last folks, we’re bound to see things take a shift for the worse at any moment now, the second the mainstream concocts their new false narrative.


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