While Houston Rebuilds, America’s East Coast Braces for More Destruction

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While Hurricane Harvey did it’s fair share of devastating Houston with intense floods and severe destruction, the city benefited from being in a state that’s well prepared for flooding, and a populace ready to unite around fellow citizens in need. Donald Trump’s entire career has been based around building and creating, and his talent has been clearly showing as he supports all the brave men and women who have been helping the coast of Texas recover from such a tough disaster. Unfortunately for all of us, Harvey was far from the last disaster we’ll see this season, and Hurricane Irma has already done its part in destroying the Caribbean. Americans on the east coast of the nation, most notably Florida, are already either evacuating or buckling down, as an intense, and already fatal storm continues its war path towards our continent.

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What’s important to remember once this storm passes, is that while America has the infrastructure, support, and funds to rebuild after horrible storms, the people of the Caribbean who were just hit by Irma don’t. Look at current reports from the BBC, and you’ll see that the island of Barbuda was practically leveled and flooded, with 95% of all buildings having been damaged by the storm. The 3rd largest airport in all of the Caribbean has been reported as destroyed, and multiple fatalities, and millions of dollars of property damage are currently being tallied. While it’s true that you don’t owe people you’ve never met, it’s times like these that require our empathy to come out. While many social issues these days are overblown or too emotional, I truly believe that the thousands of people who have lost their homes and towns to the horrible storms today do deserve our deepest sympathies. While it’s not necessary to join a mission and start rebuilding homes, moments like these do justify looking up honorable charities or organizations that can help bring order back to these folk’s broken lives. At the least, give these folks your sympathy in the upcoming months, I feel as if modern politics have jaded us against supporting others, but now more than ever we need to find love for our fellow man.

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As for the East Coast of the U.S., we’ll have to brace ourselves and hope that the least destructive path is taken by the storm. No matter what, it’s imperative that folks stay safe, that businesses attempt to stay honest and not price gouge vital supplies, and that we come together as a community, as a state, and as a nation to help our fellow folk rebuild. This has been an interesting stretch for Trump, as he gets to shift from being a foreign and social policy president, and stretch his legs as an infrastructure, rebuilding sort of president. As we’ve already seen, this is obviously where Trump excels, in getting communities to rally around shared interests, in ensuring funds and manpower are supplied to rebuild, and to make sure that as a nation we focus on building up instead of tearing down.

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I remain disgusted by every journalist or outlet who has tried make these disasters an issue of “Red States” getting destroyed, political penance for getting Trump into the White House, or even worse, implying the storms are directly a result of man-made climate change, and thus is somehow totally preventable. While there have and always will be dissenters in times of distress, it still irks me that in a time where we should be closer than ever, we still find ways to wedge ourselves apart. It’s more important than ever to rally as a nation and aid those who have been harmed by factors outside their power, or else why have a government in the first place? You’ll be surprised by how many people have been either directly or indirectly affected by these disasters, so we need to remember to stay respectful and most of all empathetic to our fellow Americans, as we know they’d do the same should we find ourselves in a bind next.

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