Why You Should Still Believe in Bitcoin (September 13th)

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Just the other day, the president of Chase Bank denounced Bitcoin, calling it a fraud and urging people to move off the platform. Before that, the Chinese government banned Bitcoin investment, taking away a vital market for the Bitcoin economy. These apparent setbacks caused the value of Bitcoin to decrease and the meteoric rise of the cryptocurrency market to slow. Looking further than an inch deep though, these are both non-issues that are just part and parcel of the digital currency revolution. It makes total sense that the president of a corrupt banking institution would publicly denounce the very invention that will bring about his industry’s demise, and the Chinese ban on crypto currency is only temporary, and will resolve itself very soon, just as the last scare was resolved shortly after it occurred.

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Long story short, Bitcoin is a valuable investment still, and if anything now is the perfect time to buy. Don’t be alarmed by the drop, as those who sold last time it dropped missed out on the literal doubling in value we’ve seen these past months. If you haven’t gotten onto Bitcoin yet, now is the time, if you have some, follow the age old mantra and hodl.

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I actually think that my last blog on Bitcoin and its value is still applicable, so check it out here. I also encourage you to watch John McAfee defend and explain crypto currency’s future. Good luck investing all, ignore the haters, and join the digital revolution.


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