Campus Heroes – Casting Calls


I decided to avoid talking about politics today and instead use this blog to shamelessly promote a web series I’m producing called Campus Heroes.  I’ll talk more about the series and what it’s about in further blogs, but the rundown is that it follows a zany security force as they attempt to protect their town and try to track down a masked vigilante who has shown up and is both breaking the law and stealing the work. It’s a real fun script and I’ve been really excited to help show-run this project, taking it from conception to something real.


Today was the first major step in the production, as we had our major casting call, where we had local actors and theater students come out and give some readings of our script. It was a lot of fun seeing our director force plenty of range out of our hopeful actors, and to see characters that have only been words on a page start to come to life in a studio. While casting is merely the genesis of a project, it’s great to finally get the director involved in a hands on way, and to move from constant writer and producer meetings, and actually do something tangible.


Another essential element to this casting was seeing members of our team work together in an actual production environment. It was great seeing that no matter how much of a time crunch we were on, or how stressful a situation could have been, everybody respected each other and we got a lot of great work done today! I was surprised by how many genuinely kind and talented people showed up for our project, and it really inspired the team to make something great.


At the end of the day, we have a lot left to do in this production before we even have something to show. That being said, today was the first crucial step in making a project that we’re all really proud of and committed to. It’s great to see that hard work pays off in the form of talented people being drawn to a project like moth to a flame. It really is insane how a good idea, an enthusiastic production staff, and good ol’ momentum can help a project spiral into success. Here’s hoping the next update is just as positive.

I hope you all enjoyed this little peak at the project I’m working on, and that you look forward to seeing more updates as we lock down our crew and begin filming. It’s gonna be a crazy ride, and I can’t wait to document it.

If you want to help support us monetarily, please check out our Patreon, where all fund go towards making our episodes as perfect as possible:

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