Republicans Turn on Sen. Rand Paul as Trump Pressures Republicans to Deliver on Health Care

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As news broke today that Senator John McCain wouldn’t be supporting the new Republican healthcare bill, I lost whatever little faith I had in the Republican Party and the political establishment. I’ve mentioned before that health care and immigration are the two greatest concerns of this nation’s citizens, and Republicans have gained their newfound party power purely because they promised to deliver on those two fronts. Between their failure to deliver on sensible Obamacare repeal, as well as Trump’s recent backtracking on DACA and the wall in order to save face after Charlottesville, it’s clearer than ever that it wasn’t just the Democratic Party that has driven this country off the correct path. The straw that broke my back today though, was in the party wide betrayal of the great Senator Rand Paul, who also has taken a stance against the new healthcare bill, but his reasoning is a pro-liberty and conservative one, instead of a sellout one like McCain.

While I shouldn’t be surprised by all the hit pieces and negative press Paul has received for holding his ground, it still irks me. During Obama’s presidency, I always told myself that if only real conservatives and libertarians got some iota of power, then they’d really make some positive change for the nation. If only people who had America’s best interest at heart were the ones representing us in Washington, then we wouldn’t be so worried about who sat in the White House and controlled our nuclear codes. The fact that Senator Paul took a conservative and pro-American stance on health care today, he was chastised by his fellow party for not just voting with his side, even having our president chastise him publicly on Twitter and in the press. I was actually disturbed by this group think, as it felt no better than when more centrist Democrats gave up their values in order to appeal to the more radical left in this last election cycle.

The fact that both sides partake in this self-fulfilling failing strategy is just further proof for what we’ve all known for too long. The two parties in America are due for a realignment and a purge, as the old vanguard in both parties need to be cycled out for fresher faces that actually represent the will of the people. Whether this comes in the form of term limits on senators, a natural purge through the 2018 elections, or a more gradual ousting as Congress continues to fail their voters, we will see the landscape of Washington change in the upcoming years. Whether Trump stays in his moderate slump or actually becomes the president we hoped he’d be, the most important thing the man could do has already been done. In November of 2016, Trump’s victory cemented that the political establishment can be broken, that no matter how much power Washington likes to think it has, the citizens are the true bearers of power, and most of all, that politics can shift at the drop of a hat.

So as I was disgusted by how the Republican establishment treated Senator Paul today, I was heartened to see genuine Libertarians and conservatives back the senator, agreeing that just repealing Obamacare isn’t enough, as the American people deserve more. I urge everybody to stick it to their representatives and let them know just how important fixing healthcare is. For every day that they twiddle their thumbs and betray their voters, more Americans die as their nation grows weaker and more disjointed. It’s time to look at the people we vote for this next cycle, and determine if we want more wishy-washy moderates like John McCain or more genuine conservatives like Rand Paul in our future. If we want this nation to survive any longer, we desperately need to educate others to yearn for the latter.

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