America Continues to Buck the Establishment as Luther Strange Loses Alabama Seat

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Continuing a recent trend that won’t seem to stop, Alabama incumbent senator Luther Strange lost his senate seat to the anti-establishment candidate, Roy Moore. While this might not seem like such a big deal, it’s actually huge, as President Donald Trump, as well as Senator Mitch McConnell both endorsed Strange heavily, pumping plenty of money and press towards his way. The fact that this establishment Republican lost to Moore in the Republican primary is a great indicator that the American people will no longer vote down party line, and instead will vote to tear down the establishments that have brought them so much grief these past decades.

The Situation

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The senate seat in Alabama was vacated in the first place because President Trump appointed Jeff Sessions to his cabinet, and Luther Strange was chosen to fill the vacancy until an election could be held. In the ensuing months since this happened, Washington was buzzing as rumors circulated that Strange was nothing more than a McConnell lackey, and would only add another guaranteed vote to whatever the will of our RINO controlled Congress desires. President Trump’s endorsement of Strange actually dampened his credibility among the politically savvy, as it seemed that President Trump was being influenced by the desire to have a moderate lacky in Washington, instead of having a true conservative that could help break up the establishment and help important bills get passed the correct way. Although Luther Strange lost the election tonight, Trump seemed gracious and congratulated Moore, which is fairly courteous all things considered.

Who is Roy Moore?

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For those unaware, Roy Moore was a high court judge in Alabama, who has infamously been removed twice from his seat for two very interesting causes. The first was because Moore commissioned and refused to remove a massive monument of the Ten Commandments that he installed in the Alabama Capitol Court House in order to update and emphasize the importance of Judeo-Christian values in the United States. Groups like the ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Center attacked Moore for this action, and after refusing to remove the monument, Moore was found guilty of infringing on First Amendment rights and removed from his position. He was reinstated years later, but again lost his seat after the Supreme Court legalised gay marriage federally. Moore was one of the judges who ordered clerks and lower judges to not recognize the legality of same-sex marriage, trying to take a stand for Evangelical Christian beliefs and states rights. For this, Moore was again removed from the bench.

What Does This Mean?

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The victory of Moore is a big deal, but the loss of Luther Strange is an even greater one. While Trump, Pence, and McConnell endorsed Strange, Sarah Palin and Steve Bannon both used their platforms to endorse Moore. On Breitbart and other media outlets, Bannon claimed that Strange wasn’t going to win as establishment politicians, left or right, have lost their power over Americans, and anyone who represents something outside the beaten path will have an advantage. This bodes well for figures like Missouri Candidate Austin Petersen and Michigan Candidate Kid Rock, who both represent conservative, yet alternative viewpoints which will be invaluable to the American Senate. Although it’s great that Strange lost, and odds are Moore will win again in 2018 against any Democratic contenders, it is worth noting that Moore’s Evangelical Christian brand of conservatism is incredibly different from both the moderate Republicans before him, and the Populist Nationalism that Trump has championed. So while alternative voices may keep winning and gaining power, I see these new figures having a wide array of beliefs, making it harder for them to unite over certain causes. It will be interesting for sure to watch in the upcoming months, as we approach the 2018 Senate elections, and in the upcoming years as people start seriously trying to contend against President Trump.  

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