Are Drone Strikes Ethical?

In a change up for this week, I’m going to ask readers to vote before I wrote the blog. If you could vote on this blog, over whether or not you find drone strikes ethical, I’ll write about the results, as well as some input over the Trump administration’s recent attacks in Libya. Please vote and share with your friends, and look forward to your results being shared and analyzed in tomorrow’s blog!


One thought on “Are Drone Strikes Ethical?

  1. I see no reason to put American lives at risk just to rid this world of various human-shaped infestations and infection. Hence, I find drone strikes to be prima facie quite ethical. However, it’s like any form of killing; the who, when, and where matter.

    In other words, it’s not weapon in use in my opinion, it’s the way it’s used. Given Obama’s preference for having the CIA conduct drone strikes so that they “weren’t counted” by various Congressional oversight committees, and given the piss-poor intel the CIA used for targeting, in practice ethics went out the window in recent years.


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