Media Lies Have Spread to the U.S.

In New York today, a crazed man from Uzbekistan drove into a pedestrian bike lane, killing 8 and injuring more. He continued to get out of his car armed with weapons, but was incapacitated by the police with a shot to the stomach. He’s currently being treated before he can be questioned, but I really […]

Why It’s Important to Think Before You Tweet

A year ago today, Hillary Clinton (or one of the dozens of millennials who ran her account) typed out this tasty tweet. I’ve never understood how often people on the left criticize Trump’s Twitter, yet never take offense to the tone deaf, senseless, and absolutely strange tweets put out by their candidates. The Daily Wire did […]

Important Information on Bitcoin

For those of you interested in the future of Bitcoin, whether because you own or invest in it, or you’re just sucked into the spectacle of it’s volatility, here’s a must-read article that explains the upcoming split and what it means for your investments way better than I ever could. It covers Bitcoin Gold, why […]

Campus Heroes: First Day Wrapped

Producing a high quality web series might be the strangest thing I’ve done, and weirdly, some advice from a podcast I used to listen to has actually helped me through it. Burnie Burns, co-founder of the ultra-popular web company Rooster Teeth has always said that being part of a great film project or company feels […]