Why Modern News Feels So Ineffective

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I’ve tried catching up on recent events lately through major news outlets, and I realized that I totally forgot how ineffective major sources are at covering actually relevant stories. While I was concerned about whether or not we’ll see an independent Catalonia or not, as well as looking for more news on the recent terror attack in Canada, I found that every major outlet buried these stories and instead were pushing news on the NFL kneeling during the Anthem, and how “evil” the President was for how he was handling disaster relief in Puerto Rico. It really made me analyze and wonder, why is modern news so bad?

To dig deeper, I went back through several months of headlines in every major publication. Whether I was looking at the New York Times, Washington Post, or even the BBC, I realized that every relevant and genuinely important story was buried in a pile of salacious headlines and slander pieces on the President. Genuinely important information on our governments and world security were almost always replaced by articles that enforced social engineering and anti-white, anti-male, and anti-straight bias. While we’ve all known this has been going on for a while now, (the phrase “fake news” didn’t get popularized by accident,) I do take issue with the blatant dismissal the world’s right wing has taken towards the need for a fact-based mainstream news outlet.

As difficult as a pill that it might be to swallow, I genuinely think that there needs to be official sources out there that readers can trust. As fun as it would be to let free market alternative sources like InfoWars and The Rubin Report to take over, societally this just can’t be the case. The fact of the matter is that every citizen of a free nation needs a fair and honest press that it can access, especially if we have any hope of our populace voting effectively and make honest and informed decisions in their lives. While the current state of media is unacceptable, with detached college elites constantly shoving Marxist and left-wing propaganda down our throats, a world where there is no mainstream at all and objective truth disappears is a terrifying one. While many fear-mongers on both sides want us to believe that there’s no escaping this future, I think there’s actually a clear path to redeeming news.

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The sad truth is that what has driven the news down this dark path isn’t solely because of evil agendas and globalist overlords. Every media outlet needs to make money, and the disconnected ivy grads who run these outlets have desperately been trying to keep up with the trends of youth groups. The fact is that America’s left-wing and mainstream weren’t nearly as bad, and I would go as far as to say that things were fairly neutral, leaning left. I blame the advent of alternative media and the internet, where young kids could latch onto echo chambers and online communities that pushed super left and Marxist values. As these kids grew up, the media had to compensate to stay relevant, especially after the rise of the TEA party and the shift from the Bush-era to the Obama-era. The fact that the far-left Marxist Bernie Sanders almost took the centrist Clinton’s nomination for the Democratic party shows that the mainstream is merely trying to play catch up, instead of actually setting the standards for progressivism. What this means then is that if the world’s media didn’t rely so hard on bottom lines and shifting with the fringes of society, and instead focused on just telling the objective truth and being honest reporters, we’d be in a much better place. Unfortunately, I don’t see this shift happening any time soon, thus it’s as important as ever to keep our platforms for speech as free and open as possible, and to support any conservative or even just alternative figures or networks that pop up, as we’ll need all the help we can get should the information war get any worse.

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