Is There More to the Vegas Shooting?

This blog is an interesting case, as the more time passes from the horrible shooting in Las Vegas, it seems that the situation becomes less clear. Unlike tragedies like the Boston Bombing and the Pulse Night Club shooting, the more we learn of the shooter the stranger the motives seem. For an old man with incredible wealth, a shady girlfriend who fled to the Philippines, and the ability to sneak dozens of illegal arms into a hotel/casino with state of the art security and flies on the wall everywhere, it really makes the story reek without a solid lead. Add in the fact that if there was solid motivation that the press were aware of, especially if it fed into their narrative, we’d have already seen more. I want to use this blog as a place to update readers on what’s the latest coming from the Vegas shooter story, especially once more facts come out. Until we get more news, fill out the poll below to indicate your opinion on the matter.

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