Why It’s Important to Publicly Condemn Harvey Weinstein

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The most recent cultural outrage that’s been taking place in Hollywood lately doesn’t actually have anything to do with politics for once. The biggest story that a lot of media figures are trying to dodge comes from a New York Times piece written on Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, former co-owner of Miramax, and current co-owner (for now) of the Weinstein Company. Without a doubt, Weinstein has done the world of film a great justice throughout his career, giving amazing independent films like Clerks and Pulp Fiction a platform and legitimacy before that was possible elsewhere. The scandal towards Weinstein comes from several female figures in Hollywood coming out and claiming that Weinstein has sexually assaulted or harassed them, often forcing female actresses to perform lewd acts for him in order to secure roles on important films. Hollywood figures and Weinstein himself have confirmed that these allegations are actually true, and in the ensuing day or so Harvey has had to step down from his chair in his company, multiple board members have quit, and several Democratic politicians that received donation money from Weinstein have donated equal amounts to female-oriented charities in order to save face.

What makes this situation all the more disgusting is two-fold. First, Hollywood is infested with actors and actresses who spend all of their time off-camera campaigning for liberal politicians and pushing ideologies like feminism. These same people are the ones who have acted in a film that could only have existed and been released thanks to a platform provided by Harvey Weinstein. To simultaneously hate on scummy behavior and condone it because it gave you a career is a new, mind-blowing low for me. Second, Weinstein’s behavior has supposedly been a commonly known fact among Hollywood from the beginning, with plenty of sexual harassment suits being settled in court, and with Harvey (who’s been married through all of these claims) saying that he’s attempted therapy and counseling multiple times to “temper” his behavior. News like this might seem somewhat ordinary considering big business executives are stereotyped into being women-hungry pigs, but once you take into consideration all of the cultural impact that Weinstein has had, his actions are worth condemning even further.

When asked about his inappropriate behavior, Weinstein has brushed off the claims multiple times by chalking it up to being a product of the 60’s and 70’s. This kind of nonchalant dismissal of being a creep and sexual deviant should be all the more surprising, and equally as telling, because Weinstein is a lifelong Democrat. Most Hollywood figures are liberal, but Weinstein held massive galas, charities, and balls to fundraise millions of dollars for Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and several smaller Democratic candidates in Congress. While as a private citizen, Weinstein has every right to use his influence to have a horse in the political race, what should be bothersome is that he doesn’t practice what he preaches, in fact, he does the exact opposite. The fact that President Trump was criticized for the way he spoke about women in private to no end by Democrats, yet a massive Hollywood executive and Democratic donor was actually committing horrible acts, yet Democrats remain silent is very telling. While the behavior is awful, there’s definitely a silver lining to all of this, in that we can genuinely have an alignment test in Hollywood to see who actually cares about Women’s Rights, and who pays lip service for social credibility.

I feel as if the most telling indicator of this entire situation was when Weinstein defended Roman Polanski a few years ago, claiming that he felt the French-Polish director did nothing wrong, and felt that his art outweighed any decisions he made. This highlights not only the massive hypocrisy that persists in Hollywood, but also the darker side to all of those who hope to shape our culture and influence millions. Just think about the fact that Former President Obama has called Weinstein a great friend and ally multiple times, going as far as to allow his daughter to intern at his production company this year. If Weinstein’s behaviors were as constant and widely known as his accusers say they are, then obviously Obama would know about this behavior as well, wouldn’t he?

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When you take into account how many female actresses are in Hollywood, yet none of them have spoken out against such a heinous human being, no matter how often he is celebrated by the filmmaking community it makes you wonder where priorities really lie. This is why it’s so important to take note of how every celebrity reacts to the Weinstein scandal, as his behavior definitely reflects upon the rest of the filmmaking community. Just as you should be wary of Meryl Streep for criticizing Trump yet celebrating Polanski, wary of Elisabeth Moss winning an Emmy for the Handmaid’s Tale  while belonging to a cult that promotes the behavior her show defames, and wary of every single Hollywood elite supporting the same ideas and groupthink, you should be wary of those who try to brush off or silence the actions of Harvey Weinstein. What Weinstein did was disgusting, and the entire circus that is Hollywood mobilizing behind him to try and downplay his behavior indicates everything wrong with current liberal society and America’s elite. Remember his smug and vile behavior next time a Clinton or a Dunham tries to make average Americans feel shameful about their existence, beliefs and values. Like I’ve been predicting for a long time, a lot of the beliefs of the modern left lie in them projecting their vile internal thoughts and behaviors on us decent folk, and to continue to capitulate to them would only further degrade our moral fiber.

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