The Las Vegas Golden Knights Are Proving to be a Solid Team

As a Las Vegan living out of state, it’s always upset me that I never had any hometown sports teams to represent. For years, I’ve always wanted a football, baseball or hockey team, and in the past year my city finally got one of those. The Las Vegas Golden Knights are the city’s first official sports team, and they’re already showing every single skeptical sports journalist that hockey can totally exist in the desert.

The crazy thing is that after Vegas won their first game against the Dallas Stars, ESPN and every other outlet expressed their concern that the team didn’t have a strong enough offense to win any more games. Predictions that the team wouldn’t have a positive season were plenty, and the fact that the team is now leading the Western division is amazing. To be fair, the first two games were nail biters, especially the second game against the Coyotes, where the game went into overtime after a last second goal. Today’s first home game though, also against the Coyotes has proven the team has a lot of potential, where the yet to finish game is currently scored 5-1 Vegas.

After watching the opener for Vegas’ first home game, I was overcome with emotion seeing all of the Vegas Strong imagery and videos, which we all needed after the horrible mass shooting. In a weird way, the Golden Knights and Vegas are almost transcending their boundaries and rivalries, and are quickly becoming online favorites. If you want to follow an entertaining sports team, I actually highly recommend the Golden Knights Twitter, as they’ve been not only hilarious, but incredibly inspiring these past weeks.

While it would still be amazing to have a baseball team in Vegas, and I’m impatiently waiting for the Raiders to officially move over once the football stadium is done, the Golden Knights are doing a good job representing my city. Not only have they started their season off undefeated, but the players have managed to remain classy on and off the ice, and the organization has done a great job helping Las Vegans heal after the horrible wounds the city suffered. I’m so excited for my city to continue to establish itself as being a legitimate contender in the sports realm, and I’ll keep wearing my merch and forcing all of my friends to watch games and keep up with stats. Here’s hoping the rest of our season is as good as the beginning.  

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