Harvey Weinstein: The Left Can’t Have it Both Ways

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An interesting parallel has been growing in my mind between what the American Left has been trained to demonize in their heads, and how they actually act on these impulses when their feet is held to the fire. A worrying trend has arisen where America’s liberal elite are all guilty of the same, if not worse sins, than the conservative elite, and the exposing of Harvey Weinstein this past week has only been the tip of the iceberg. The fact of the matter is that all of Hollywood knew of Weinstein’s gross behavior, yet everybody still paraded around and called themselves feminists and liberals and used the platforms they received from starring in Weinstein films to rant about politics and preach values that none of them actually practiced. Thanks to digital media, alternative news sources, and the power of the internet’s social conscious, a figure as large and powerful as Weinstein was actually taken down for his inappropriate behavior, showing that the left really can’t have it both ways.

What the toppling of Weinstein shows is that ultimately, nobody will be safe from the pearl clutching moral conscious of America’s modern left,  whether it’s in the shape of safe spaces and “hate speech” on college campuses, Antifa, BLM, and mass rioting in public cities, or even in the massive cultural censoring taking place on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. So many on the Left fell into the false logic that if only they kept supporting left wing politics and claimed they voted for Obama or Hillary in the election that they’d be able to get away with scummy behavior, but unfortunately for them this is far from the case. Figures like Bill Maher who have spent years cultivating young minds into being left-wing now suddenly find themselves under fire for slight slips or outdated material in the same way they would criticize people like George W. Bush and Rush Limbaugh. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so worrying, as America is slowly realizing that a solid portion of our population is made up purely of unemployed, immoral, internet addicts whose self absorption and severe laziness are the only factors preventing genuine societal revolt or collapse at a moment’s notice.

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While it may seem like I’m being over-dramatic, I’m not. Just look at how any right-wing figure has been  treated these past decades, and find a comparable figure on the left and see how they were treated by the mainstream. You’ll see people have their lives ruined over factless claims and slander-filled hit pieces purely because they’re conservative, and you’ll see scum bags like Ben Affleck or Harvey Weinstein get celebrated by the industry just because they raised money for the Democratic party. Just watch, as people like Weinstein and Affleck continue to get ousted for their vile beliefs and behavior, the more we’ll see the mainstream Left soften up on their social conservatism that they’ve been pushing. As someone who leans libertarian (little L,) I’ve found it hilarious that the modern Left has essentially morphed into the evangelical right from a decade ago that they still claim to hate so much. So while the exposing of Hollywood and mainstream journalism may continue to embarrass the left and validate claims and views made by the right, we still have to remember that this horrible behavior benefits nobody. The fact that our best case scenario involves a top rung, highly decorated executive finally getting his dues for being a scumbag to women for years shows just how far our moral fiber has really decayed, and just how much further we can sink as a society.

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