Why We Should Keep an Eye on Steve Bannon

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Ever since Trump fired his Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, the Breitbart editor has been incredibly busy, essentially waging a more effective war against the GOP establishment than he ever could inside the White House. While many thought that Bannon would be a lame duck outside of the Oval Office, he’s arguably more of an important figure than ever in American politics. Steve Bannon currently has the eyeballs of millions of Americans who read and watch content from alternative sources like Breitbart and InfoWars, and as Trump ever shifts between fulfilling campaign promises and betraying his base, Bannon is choosing to fight a more important battle. As we approach the 2018 senate elections, we should definitely keep an eye on Bannon and who he supports, as these uncertain victories will spell out the future of politics in America.

In big news, Bannon announced on Hannity that he would be targeting the senate seats of both Mitch McConnell and Bob Corker, as well as any other Republican politician who is part of the establishment in Bannon’s eyes. Considering that McConnell has finessed his way into being the Harry Reid of the Republicans these past years, it would be a welcome change, as well as a massive shift to see the Turtle go. Bannon and a lot of alternative conservative commentators are feeling good about their chances come election cycle, as McConnell’s choice for Alabama senate, Luther Strange, was handily beaten by Bannon’s pick, Roy Moore. Why this was a big blow against the establishment, skeptics are worried about claiming that Moore’s victory was an end-all litmus test. The fact of the matter is that Moore has been a household name in Alabama for decades, and his line of evangelical Republicanism is definitely unique to the American South. To pretend like a no-name conservative with little financial backing has the ability to depose somebody as established and corrupt as McConnell is a big ask, but still isn’t impossible. Just like the Tea Party movement saw a whole slew of conservative politicians shake up Washington, we may very well see a Bannon backed coalition of alternative candidates take over Washington this upcoming year.

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I’ve made it a point in this blog to support alternative candidates like Austin Petersen, and point out that figures like Kid Rock have a chance of winning senate seats. Take a look at smaller elections, and you’ll see Libertarians like Glenn Jacobs (formerly known as Kane from WWE) are running for local mayoral elections in their communities. While the constant politicization of late has been incredibly detrimental to the national psyche, I think the mainstream media’s constant bias has actually led to a positive outcome. Conservatives and Libertarians all over the nation have been emboldened to take back their communities, and to ensure that our values, beliefs, and laws are upheld and maintained. No longer do we have to hope for moral victories or eventual outcomes as conservatives, but rather we can actually expect to win future elections. Look at the current state of the American Left, and there’s no sign that they’ll change their broken beliefs anytime soon.

While nothing is certain, it definitely feels as if these upcoming elections are a continuation of cultural shift started by Trump, and it’s fascinating that Steven Bannon continues to be an architect behind this shift. If you’re sick of all the inaction and impotent legislation of Trump’s first year, let’s hope that we can actually drain the swamp in the next year, and start putting in politicians who represent the people and their values instead of corporations, lobbyists and globalists. One could say that Bannon is still focused on Making America Great Again, even outside the White House.

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