Why You Should Still Support Austin Petersen For Missouri Senate

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A couple of months ago, I wrote a piece explaining why I support Missouri Senate Candidate Austin Petersen and why you should too. I felt like the man was worthy of being president when he ran as a Libertarian, and I think he’s more than qualified to be one of the Missouri’s senators. While my last article outlined what policies made Petersen an attractive candidate and genuine human being, this article will serve more as an explanation of why you shouldn’t support Josh Hawley, the mainstream Republican running against Petersen and the current Attorney General for the State of Missouri.

Hawley Has Been Endorsed by McConnell

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Possibly the greatest sign that a candidate is corrupt and tainted is that they have an endorsement from Senator Mitch McConnell, resident RINO and roadblock in Congress. Mitch McConnell is essentially Harry Reid, but in Republican clothing, and whatever he endorses, you know corruption will follow. McConnell failed to secure a lapdog in the Alabama election when Roy Moore defeated Luther Strange, so it makes sense that the Turtle would be trying to strengthen his grasp over the Senate, by keeping real conservatives out and establishment shills in. While it makes sense that Hawley would be supported by McConnell, something that surprised me is that Breitbart’s Steven Bannon has also supported Hawley. The only reasoning I can come up with here is that Bannon just desperately wants to paint the Senate map Red this upcoming election, but Hawley definitely doesn’t match the anti-establishment, swamp draining mentality that Bannon has been pretending to champion. While the goal is to get rid of as many Democrats from Congress, the objective should still be to make sure that we’re replacing them with candidates that care, not just more of the same. Obviously Bannon didn’t do his homework when it came to Missouri, as Austin Petersen is as anti-establishment as one can get, which is all the more reason to support him.

Austin Petersen is Genuinely Grassroots

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Another concern that should noted is that Josh Hawley has been about as establishment as it can get when it comes to how he runs his campaign. Between running focus polls so he can figure out how to run his out of touch campaign, receiving donations from establishment folk to try and push out the competition, and by not nearly being as engaging or personal as a candidate in 2017 can be, Hawley has failed to impress on any front. Compared to Petersen, who has been raising his funds from loyal supporters through small donations, smartly raising attention through brilliant means, like his AR-15 giveaway (which you can enter here: https://www.austinpetersen.com/ar15?splash=1), and engaging with supporters constantly through daily engagement emails, social media updates, and live-stream Q&A’s. I don’t understand how anybody can look at two candidates and not prefer the one raising popularity the correct way, by interacting with the people they’ll represent and raising funds through a hard-earned, grassroots campaign, and not balk at the corporate shills, relying on media blackouts and forced ignorance to help them slime their way into Congress.

We Need to Make America Great Again

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If there’s anything Trump’s first year has shown us, it’s that changing who’s sitting in the Oval Office only does so much. No matter how hard Trump pushes to reform Health Care, taxes, and our immigration policy, if we have RINO’s in Congress who only have corporation’s interests at heart, then we’re never going to improve. If you’re truly Libertarian or Conservative, then you should be jumping up and down these upcoming months, ensuring that as many people like Austin Petersen get elected into office, as we won’t have much time left to make sure that people that truly represent us are in a position to do so. The fact that Petersen has promised to cut spending, slash taxes, protect our Constitutional Rights, and most of all represent the people, there seems to be no better candidate out there. To add to it, great voices in alternative media right now like Dave Rubin and Ben Shapiro have thrown their hats in the ring to support Petersen, which unlike funding from Bannon actually means something.

While it’s great and all that Petersen is so moral and an ideal candidate, it unfortunately comes with a cost. The unfortunate truth is that to have any chance of winning a political campaign, the candidate needs to have funding to keep the lights running and keep spreading their message effectively. If polls are to be trusted, no matter what, incumbent Senator Claire McCaskill will get deposed by a Republican, so we need to make sure that the Republican that wins is Petersen, not Hawley. If you support Petersen’s message, or even just want a true conservative/libertarian representing us in Washington, consider donating to Petersen’s campaign at his website here: https://www.austinpetersen.com/. Share his messages on social media, convince your friends and social network to donate and support him. We’ve been given a unique opportunity to actually fix our nation, it’d be a shame to squander with a candidate as pathetic as Josh Hawley, especially when someone as ideal as Petersen exists.

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