Campus Heroes: First Day Wrapped

Producing a high quality web series might be the strangest thing I’ve done, and weirdly, some advice from a podcast I used to listen to has actually helped me through it. Burnie Burns, co-founder of the ultra-popular web company Rooster Teeth has always said that being part of a great film project or company feels like falling uphill. I never understood what he meant by that, until my own series, Campus Heroes, began production last night. Things went so well on set, people were responsive, equipment all worked out great, actors knew lines and delivered them perfectly, and I found myself constantly putting out (metaphorical) fires before they even started, and never once did set get out of hand. Despite the footage being perfect and the crew being happy, I still found myself absolutely drained, exhausted, and beaten after just one day of shooting. I finally understood what falling uphill meant. It means that you’re getting to your destination, you’re going to be successful, but it still feels like an uncontrollable free fall. On the bright side, our set is falling uphill, and not downhill, but it is crazy that any set as big as the one we ran last night is simultaneously in your grasp, and 100% out of it. You have to hope that all of your crew and cast that you assembled do their jobs and be hands off, yet when lighting needs help setting up or someone has to use the restroom, you suddenly become the most qualified person on set to fill in. Despite how exhausted I was/still am, this has definitely been an amazing and rewarding experience. I attached some pics below from behind the scenes of set last night, and I’m excited to share more with you all soon.

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