Manafort Charged During Russia Witch Hunt

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It wasn’t a good week for Roger Stone and his buddies this week, as Stone was banned off of Twitter for a fairly run of the mill tweet exchange, and his long time friend and former lobbying partner, Paul Manafort, just pleaded non-guilty as part of long running federal investigations on the Trump Presidential Campaign. The main stream media and enemies of the President conjured up lies about the Trump campaign colluding with the Russians in order to win, and despite no evidence being found to prove this, and in fact even with evidence linking Clinton’s campaign to actually colluding with the Russians, the federal agencies continue to push on Trump’s team.

These endless court appeals and in depth investigations have finally reached a head with the fall of Paul Manafort, who has merely had to plead guilty to embezzling his millions of dollars abroad, investing in foreign channels and stuffing it away from America’s harsh tax system. It’s unfortunate that somebody linked to Trump’s campaign was doing such behavior, but considering that Manafort and Stone were some of the highest paid and notorious lobbyists in all of Washington, to hear that Manafort was stuffing the money away abroad doesn’t come as too much of a surprise.

What’s worrying about Manafort going down is that this insane Russia witch hunt has finally caused somebody to get in legal trouble, even though the reason wasn’t even related to the Russian investigation in the first place. What’s to stop Mueller and the other crackpots running federal agencies from charging any person that would be politically convenient to attack, and to use their insane amount of legal power to sort through their entire closet and bust them on a bogus claim? This isn’t how our legal system should be working, and we shouldn’t have our federal agencies be milking a power trip earned from the delusions created by our hysterical left-wing media. If you want to see just how deranged the mainstream is, check out this piece from CNN, which was released as a genuine attempt at journalism:  

As folks continue to go to jail, the more of a futuristic police state our world resembles. We’ve got some scary times ahead.

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