Why it’s Good That House of Cards Got Cancelled

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Ever since Harvey Weinstein was revealed to be the cesspool that he was, we’ve slowly been watching Hollywood fall apart. The failing financial situation and lack of public appeal our entertainment industry was facing was a survivable model, so long as everyone bought into the false world that Hollywood built, in which they were all liberal and moral paragons who could do no wrong, and they would get to dictate the social standards as they were all morally just and called out those who were not. Unfortunately for Hollywood, the people who comprised their ranks essentially since it’s inception, have all been some of the most vile, corrupt, and degenerate folk to walk the Earth. To describe what these Hollywood elite get up to immediately makes one sound like an Alex Jones-type, but the fact of the matter is that the same people who have been preaching down to us these past years have also been the ones committing and perpetuating those very acts. Glass castles people.

So then, when the news broke that Kevin Spacey had attempted to molest a then-14 year old male actor when Spacey was in his twenties, it only perpetuated this spiral. Hilariously, despite the media promising to take victim’s stories seriously and to begin condemning Hollywood’s monsters, they instead took the Spacey story and ran it as Spacey’s brave coming out, instead of a disturbing example of male-on-male abuse in the industry. This disgusting handling of this story fortunately ruffled many feathers in both the real world and a lot of online social networks, and today Netflix announced that their already waning series, House of Cards, would be coming to a close with the release of it’s 6th and final season, citing the Spacey news as the catalyst for this decision. While many have feigned surprise or have gone as far as to celebrate Netflix, I personally find the decision too little and too soon. Just as Tarantino has used Weinstein’s platform to rise to mass amounts of fame, Netflix used the critical acclaim from House of Cards to legitimize their platform gain a huge subscriber base. The benefits of the show have already been reaped, and it was bound to end soon anyway. Netflix gets to kill two birds with one stone, and no real moral stance was taken.

The media’s decision to try and redeem Kevin Spacey in the face of his allegations just go to show that they really can’t practice what they preach no matter how hard they try. Hollywood is full of degenerates, and from the way they handle these reveals and scandals, it seems that they all condone each other’s behavior. It really reveals a lot that an entire industry can be  full of child molesters and sexual assaulters, yet still feel morally superior enough to criticize Trump and his voters. I would tell Hollywood that it would be best if they just stuck to making content and avoided the politics in the near future, as they have no leg to stand on, but they can’t even seem to make good content anymore, which the ever-lowering box office returns are proving in spades. It’s funny how systems have a natural way to clean and sort themselves out, it’s just sad to see it happen in real time.

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