Media Lies Have Spread to the U.S.

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In New York today, a crazed man from Uzbekistan drove into a pedestrian bike lane, killing 8 and injuring more. He continued to get out of his car armed with weapons, but was incapacitated by the police with a shot to the stomach. He’s currently being treated before he can be questioned, but I really doubt we’ll find anything surprising from him other than the fact that he’s one of dozens of radicalized Islamic immigrants within our borders. What makes this news so scary though, is how the U.S. media handled the attack.

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Take some time to read this CNN article on the event, published just an hour or so after it happened:

Notice how the man, clearly of a certain heritage was referred to as “Central Asian” and the article bends over backwards trying to nullify the fact that this was an act of terror. For a man to come into our major city, full of millions of pedestrians minding their own business, and commit such an act would have been a rallying call just a decade ago to take action in our communities and ensure it doesn’t happen again. Instead, American media has already chalked this up to a “part and parcel” attack, something that is expected to happen in the 21st century in a large city. Just as they’ve done in London and Paris and Munich and Berlin, they’re trying to normalize these acts of terror with coded language and misinformation. As a society we cannot accept this behavior from our media. We need to fight back on this and force our journalists to tell the full truth, or else we’ll slowly see events like today become a normal occurrence.

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