Coding is Still the Most Valuable Talent You Can Learn in 2017

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I feel as if a talent that is too often neglected in schools is that of coding. No matter what realm of work you desire to get into, coding will be an invaluable skill to have that will currently set you above and beyond other workers. If you’re in film, coding will be necessary to use Adobe After Effects, in graphic design, you’ll need to know code to design websites or when you use more intensive software, and in business, almost every program nowadays requires some basic programming knowledge.

The thing is, if you’re currently looking for work, learning code will guarantee you employment somewhere, as you’ll be above and beyond what other workers can do in this digital age. In the near future though, as in the next 5 years, don’t be surprised if every place of employment requires at least rudimentary programming knowledge to gain even basic employment. While this may seem surprising to Americans, who don’t have computer training as part of their curriculum, students from more competitive nations like Japan, Korea, and India all learn programming from a very young age. If you don’t want to be phased out, take the time to learn any language, preferably Python or Java, as having knowledge in good programming can transfer across to many other languages and put you ahead.

If you’re unsure of where to start, look at one of many free online sources to learn from, preferably with

If you have access to, that is probably your best option in terms of video tutorials that allow you to follow along and test yourself.

Of course, books always remain an option, although they can get outdated pretty quickly.

Whatever you choose to do, keep this advice in mind. Don’t roll your eyes when you hear people celebrate coding, as we rely more and more every day on the digital realm. Pretty soon, nothing will be analog, and every field of work will require a computer or program to run it. Once you accept this reality, you’ll be incredibly grateful that you’ve opened your mind up to the world of coding, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t start learning sooner.

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