Why It’s Worth Watching Trey Gowdy’s Opening Statements at the IG Hearing

If you’ve been keeping up with the news at all, I wouldn’t blame you if the only story you’re aware of is the debate surrounding immigration. While there’s a lot to be said on that issue, quite frankly, much like the controversy surrounding guns as of late, there isn’t really a debate going on at all. America’s left wing is merely on a hunt to try and gain as much power back from Trump as possible, playing every empathy and emotion-driven card possible to try and sway voters. Unfortunately for them, all they’ve managed to do is further brainwash their own crowd, while leaving the rest of the nation only all the more aware of how deceptive and power hungry these authoritarians really are. While some conservatives are mad at Trump for perceivably buckling into public pressure and signing an executive order that prevents the future separation of families that are attempting to illegally enter the U.S., the president’s rally in Minnesota Wednesday night indicates that he has no plans to soften any further on immigration.

Conspiracy Theory No Longer

The real concerning news story this past week is the one that’s been clearly obfuscated by the press in favor for anti-Trump immigration coverage. This is, of course, the report delivered by the Inspector General of the Justice Department, Michael Horowitz. For those unaware, Horowitz was tasked with reviewing the behavior of the U.S. Justice Department, and unsurprisingly he found some evidence that worried him. While it’s been more than obvious that the Justice Department is nothing but a corrupt cesspool of power gone wrong, without hard evidence it’s been hard to prove that these agencies are truly conspiratorial or bias to the point of no return. Any suggestion of this notion in the press has always been immediately shut down as conspiracy of the highest order, and more worryingly, this behavior keeps suggesting that the press, Justice Department, and liberal government are all in cahoots to promote at worst a treasonous agenda, and at best their own power hungry interests. No matter the reality in that regard, nothing is ideal and the system is clearly broken.

In the report that IG Horowitz submitted, he stated that while he couldn’t find reasonable evidence that the Justice Department covered anything up with the original Clinton email scandal, what he did find hard evidence for is an extreme anti-Trump and pro-Clinton bias. This extended to individual agents openly referring to Hillary Clinton as the president within the office, and more importantly, indicates that former FBI Director James Comey totally mishandled the most recent investigation into the Clinton Campaign emails, triggered by the Anthony Weiner mishap. In our modern, morally bereft society, the concept of an organization being politically biased might seem like a trivial matter to be upset over. The problem, among many other things, is that institutions such as the press and the Justice Department operate with such great power, arguably way too much power, for how easily corruptible they are.

“While biases and tribalism are natural elements of human behavior, our justice system and government were founded on the ideal of transcending these primal instincts and putting ethics and codes before personal opinion and grotesque lust for power.”

The Rule of Law is Worth Preserving

If the media didn’t set the national conversation, and if the Justice Department didn’t have the absolute authority to lock people up and ruin political and public figures reputations and lives, maybe a biased workforce would be a more minor problem to solve. However, in our modern society, this is far from the case. So much of the modern political narrative has been dominated by our top officials being scrubbed from head to toe, with constant investigations and data leaks and private email servers and compromising information becoming the worrying norm. While biases and tribalism are natural elements of human behavior, our justice system and government were founded on the ideal of transcending these primal instincts and putting ethics and codes before personal opinion and grotesque lust for power. While the Inspector General has no power over this case after submitting his report, the existing evidence alone shows that we cannot and should not trust the clowns running our Justice Department, and even more, these figures shouldn’t be given the vast powers that they are. Further, the media cannot continue to pretend as if anything they say has merit. They haven’t been able to stop talking about what the Justice Department has been up to these past months, despite the Trump/Russia narrative turning up absolutely nothing, and predictably now that there’s actually a story surrounding the issue, we hear nothing on the matter. We should all attempt to keep up with this story as it develops, and follow as many alternative media outlets as possible in order to hear about this story instead of the pointless updates to the immigration conversation.

There is reason to remain optimistic on this matter, as the mere act of exposing corruption has a positive effect in the fight for truth. Think back to every organization that Project Veritas exposed, organizations like CNN and Planned Parenthood have taken extreme hits to their reputation and public credibility, purely because indisputable facts came out against them, and were available for all to see. The very fact that the DOJ has been proven without a doubt to have handled their investigations poorly and operate with an extreme bias and agenda, which just so happens to line up exactly with the mainstream media’s, should leave the entire nation on edge and hungry for a purge of such a corrupt system. Be sure to listen to Trey Gowdy’s thoughts on this matter in the video above, and keep up with him in these coming days. While critics may be right that this resolves to be nothing more than political theater, Gowdy’s words are powerful and true nonetheless. The time of trusting tyrants is gone, and the time to govern ourselves is coming up. We just have to make sure we don’t forget that the only way to beat the darkness of corruption is with the burning light of truth, which is out there and waiting for us to find it.

Do you think the courts will go after James Comey? Let me know in the comments below!

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