Owen Shroyer #FreeALexJones Rally

In downtown Austin, Texas on Saturday, Patriot Prayer held a #FreeAlexJones rally to fight against censorship from Big Tech. Several speakers showed up, including InfoWars’ Owen Shroyer, who called for the InfoWars Army (a new initiative led by Owen to push for change with real world events) to begin taking action.

Owen shared how his journey as a free speech patriot is thanks to Alex Jones, and he highlighted that Alex puts 110% of his time, energy, resources, and spirit into fighting against people that don’t have America’s best interests at heart. To follow along with the events of the rally, check out the website, or the Patriot Prayer facebook event page.

Check out Alex’s speech here: WATCH: Alex Jones Delivers Speech at #FREEALEXJONES Rally in Austin, TX

Check out what the InfoWars Army got up to after the rally: 

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  1. Reblogged this on whatstheresponse and commented:
    You may not like or agree with everything Alex Jones and Infowars says. And I think nobody should agree 100% with what anybody says because that would make you a sheep devoid of all your unique qualities and thoughts. This is why I find freedom of speech so important. Freedom of speech, religious expression, and press are innate rights and we cannot stand by while we let big tech collude to silence and oppress other Americans. If they succeed with Alex Jones then we are all next!

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  2. Anyone is free to check out Worldie . c o m! We’re a Free Speech, All-In-One Social Network.

    We don’t have many users right now and are in desktop mode only, but we have Feeds, Posts, Video Channels, Photo Walls, Groups, Pages, Events, Profiles, Buy/Sell with Stores, Meet, and Messages…

    To really change this, you have to support new social networks. We have a user who posted this site there, and that’s how I’m reading it.

    Our policy also just updated to show that Worldie “Values the Individual.”

    It’s time for a better social media industry. – Worldie

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