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WATCH: Alex Jones Crashes Texas Tribune Fest Panel Defaming Him


On Saturday, Texas Tribune Festival, a SXSW of sorts for politics and journalism in Austin, TX hosted a free and public panel titled: “The Political Rhetoric of Donald Trump and Alex Jones”. The scarcely attended panel aimed to further vilify Alex and Trump, calling them the typical slurs with the aim to defame them to their brainwashed audience. Of course one of the few free events at the expensive festival would be hosted by a Buzzfeed journalist and would aim to stomp on free speech and American values.

True to form, Alex Jones and the InfoWars crew showed up to this event and confronted the panel, calling them out for defaming him and being scared of him. Highlights include Alex being physically struck by a crazed audience member, and Bermansplaining’s own Emily interviewing Alex. Check out the livestream below:

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