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Prayers Answered, Shadow of the Colossus HD Remake and More – Sony E3 2017 Recap

Other mediocre showings included Destiny 2, the new Call of Duty, and a startling lack of independent content. To make matters worse, the audience wasn’t very excited this year, and every time the producers would cut to an audience reaction we would get some hype-killing display, like somebody yawning, on their phone, or just generally seeming uninterested, which is such a stark difference from last year’s display. At least Xbox put their audience in matching t-shirts….

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Will Xbox One X Be Worth the Price Tag? – Xbox E3 2017 Recap

Right off the bat, Microsoft started their conference off by announcing that their console, previously nicknamed “Scorpio” was officially coming out this year and is called the Xbox One X. Now, while this name might seem cheesy at first, I actually think this is a smart move from Microsoft, for what they’re going with this console cycle. Rather than taking the typical stance of releasing a new console and killing off the previous one, (RIP WiiU and 3DS) Microsoft decided to create a console family out of the Xbox One generation.

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What Anti-Sharia Protests Teach Us About Both Sides

Several cities across America today held what were supposed to be civil demonstrations against Sharia Law. The demonstrations were put on by a group called ACT for America, which is a non-profit anti-terror group in the U.S. which was founded by terror expert (and terror survivor) Brigitte Gabriel. The point of the protests was to raise awareness about the barbaric system that is Sharia Law, as well as point out to citizens that Islamic beliefs, whether extreme or moderate, are not compatible with western values, ethics, and laws.

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Why the British Election and the Comey Hearing Are Both Worth a Deeper Look

What Comey said at the hearing was nothing short of incredible, in the sense that it not only failed to bring up anything of negative impact on Trump, but instead accidentally incriminated several other figures including Loretta Lynch, Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton, Comey’s friends, and Comey himself. Important to take away from the hearing is that in all actuality, Trump was never under investigation from the FBI about Russian collusion, which not only immediately invalidated the entire liberal narrative, but also raised the question of who the media used as a source about this in the first place. Your guess is as good as mine, but one thing is for sure, it definitely wasn’t someone from the actual FBI, as they would know whether or not there was an investigation going on in their own bureau.

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You Should Care About the Terror Attack in Iran; Here’s Why

To recap, America is currently backing Saudi Arabia, who also funds ISIS who we’re enemies with. Iran is allied with Russia, and enemies with basically everyone else, but especially Saudi and ISIS after the terror attack. An interesting nation to watch during this is Israel, who although allied with the U.S. primarily, doesn’t have bad blood with Russia, although it is essentially mortal enemies with Iran, who prays for Israel’s destruction. You confused yet? Imagine how Trump feels.

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The Outrage Towards Trump and the Paris Accords is Good; Here’s Why

So instead, I want to cover the almost ubiquitous outcry that we’ve all seen come from celebrities, politicians, and other global elites over Trump’s bold decision. The trick with outrage is to recognize that, where there’s smoke there’s fire, and if every person who has opposed Trump and his America first policies is upset about pulling out of the Paris Accords, then maybe the reasoning goes deeper than them being concerned about the environment (hint: it is)