Patriots Gather in Austin to Protest Abortion

“The real war on blacks is abortion.” Almost 100 people gathered in south Austin, TX at the Planned Parenthood to protest the government funding of abortion. Various speakers gave impassioned speeches about the pro-life movement, including Owen Shroyer of Infowars. The speakers mentioned that Planned Parenthood gets to rent their property for $1 a year, […]

The College Fix Reports

Ethan Berman writes for The College Fix, check out his pieces below: Texas fraternities fortify and rebrand as administrators and activists threaten them: Joe Biden compares women who report sexual assault to war veterans: ‘F*** Chuck’: Students drown out debate between conservative activist and his critics: Sexuality course ditches men and women […]

What to Takeaway From the UT Kavanaugh Protest

The UT student’s Anti-Kavanaugh protest was largely a flop, thanks to the rain and poor execution on the part of the protesters. Despite this, there are several interesting takeaways to focus on for the future. Most importantly is that there is an intersectional alliance taking place on college campuses, which are radicalizing students from as […]

Happy Columbus Day

The great YouTube channel PragerU put out a rather stellar video today, hosted this time by Steven Crowder. In it, Crowder talks about the recent attacks on celebrating Columbus Day in the U.S., and the meaning behind these attacks. Here in Austin, TX, the holiday is referred to as Indigenous People’s Day, and that very […]

UT Young Conservatives Harassed By Student Body For Defending Judge Kavanaugh

On Tuesday, UT’s Young Conservatives of Texas held a public demonstration, holding signs pictured above that defended SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Despite the important detail that Kavanaugh in fact hasn’t been linked to any of the negative sexual behavior that he’s being accused of, many UT students obviously didn’t feel that way. The YCT members […]