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You Should Care About the Terror Attack in Iran; Here’s Why

To recap, America is currently backing Saudi Arabia, who also funds ISIS who we’re enemies with. Iran is allied with Russia, and enemies with basically everyone else, but especially Saudi and ISIS after the terror attack. An interesting nation to watch during this is Israel, who although allied with the U.S. primarily, doesn’t have bad blood with Russia, although it is essentially mortal enemies with Iran, who prays for Israel’s destruction. You confused yet? Imagine how Trump feels.


How the “One Love” Manchester Concert Shows That Nobody Learned Anything

In case you missed it, Ariana Grande, or at least Ariana Grande’s publicity team, thought it was best after the Manchester terror attack to do a “One Love” concert, whose proceeds would go towards charity and whose main message would be one of love. All of the hottest names in pop music like Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber took time out of their busy schedules to perform in Manchester, each person wearing some casual looking outfit and playing songs that promoted peace, love and unity, blaming all the hatred that exists in the world for the tragedies that have taken place.


Why We Should Be Worried About the Terror Attack in London

In case you’re unaware of what’s been going on in the world for the past decade or so, practically all of western civilization has been engaged in an active war against several nations in the Middle East as well as groups who engage in/generally support the notion of terrorism. This has been a messy and unorganized decade, that if you totalled it up, has led to so many pointless and tragic deaths that if one thought about it too much it might traumatize and jade an entire generation (not like that’s happened or anything).


Journalistic Integrity Officially Died Today

The New York Times decided, after go figure, another year of not making enough money to pay their worthless employees, that they needed to downsize. Instead of getting rid of their low level employees or under-performing reporters, the Times* instead thought it was a good idea to purge their editors. I’ll say that again. In the era of “Fake News” and full blown slander ridden, non-fact based journalism, the Times really thinks the smart move is to get rid of more editors.