The Increasing Demand for Blockchain Bonds

This article by Delton Rhodes was originally published at In this article, we look at the World Bank blockchain initiative and the rising popularity of blockchain bonds. Even though this is a relatively new concept, banks and governments of all sizes are beginning to issue blockchain-based bonds and minibonds. Let’s examine these use cases and […]

What is Karmacoin? (KARMA)

This article by Wilton Thornburg was originally published at What is Karmacoin? Initiated on May 7, 2014, Karmacoin died as a project in 2015. Karmacoin (KARMA) represented the digital currency of Karmashares LLC, registered in the state of Wyoming. Karmashares proposed to create long term value for investors by developing a variety of products and services. […]

Flashback: Humans Need Not Apply

Today’s video flashback is for what I think is personally one of the greatest YouTube videos ever made. It’s called Humans Need Not Apply, by one of the best YouTube channels CGP Grey. It warns of the impending societal and economic collapse we’ll face if we continue to ignore mechanization and the threat technology imposes […]

Why the iPhone X is a Disappointing Announcement

With the recent controversy surrounding Silicon Valley these days, between Twitter and Facebook becoming quasi-fascist platforms, actively fighting against free speech and pushing social justice, and the drama surrounding Google, with the infamous memo and diversity lawsuit, the least tech corporations could do is actually innovate and justify their companies intended existence. Unfortunately, with the […]