Shocking: InfoWars Censored Off Every Major Social Platform

Denizens of the Internet have surely heard the horrifying news from this Monday that InfoWars, and several of their related pages and shows have been removed from major social media sites including Apple, Spotify, Facebook, and most notably, YouTube. The controversial Austin, TX based news group has been pushing boundaries for years now, angering authoritarians […]

Video: Bill Clinton Infowars #MeToo Protest

Video: YouTube link: On June 11th, Infowars reporter Owen Shroyer held a #MeToo protest against former President Bill Clinton. About 50 people showed up, and all of them had interesting things to say about the controversial figure. Ethan and some friends of Bermansplaining covered the event, interviewing attendees of the protest and making some media […]

Overburdened: News Recap 10/21/17

As I’ve done in the past, when there’s too many tasty stories in one day that I want to cover, instead of choosing just one, I’ll do a little reflection on each. Today was big both globally and nationally, in both politics and sports, so I figured I’d cover all the ones that stood out […]

Is There More to the Vegas Shooting?

This blog is an interesting case, as the more time passes from the horrible shooting in Las Vegas, it seems that the situation becomes less clear. Unlike tragedies like the Boston Bombing and the Pulse Night Club shooting, the more we learn of the shooter the stranger the motives seem. For an old man with […]

How New Media Pioneers Alex Jones and Dave Rubin Stood Against Fake News Today

For a long time now the keepers of old media have been trying their best to sink their already failing businesses even further into the depths of irrelevance. Publications like the New York Times and Washington Post put out false headline after false headline, and misreport so often I immediately scroll to the bottom of every article to read the corrections. The personalities of failing network news like CNN and Fox have had one career killing scandal after another. Its to the point where our president can yell, “FAKE NEWS” at a reporter, and most of America laughs and agrees with him.