Why it Matters That YouTube is Censoring Creators

A horrible truth that the online world has been dancing around these past months is that everybody’s favorite video platform, YouTube, has become a suppressive and bias platform for social justice and progressive politics. While it’s always been speculated that YouTube algorithms were designed to detriment conservative and provocative creators, but for too long there […]

The Need For Radical Centrism: An Introduction

If you’ve been reading my other political blogs these past weeks, you’re probably well aware that I care deeply about a large variety of political issues. I’ve been in a weird rut since Trump got elected, as I found myself constantly defending conservative viewpoints purely because I would see horrible arguments from my peers and […]

How New Media Pioneers Alex Jones and Dave Rubin Stood Against Fake News Today

For a long time now the keepers of old media have been trying their best to sink their already failing businesses even further into the depths of irrelevance. Publications like the New York Times and Washington Post put out false headline after false headline, and misreport so often I immediately scroll to the bottom of every article to read the corrections. The personalities of failing network news like CNN and Fox have had one career killing scandal after another. Its to the point where our president can yell, “FAKE NEWS” at a reporter, and most of America laughs and agrees with him.