What Karen Handel’s Win in Georgia Says About the State of the Democratic Party

In case you weren’t paying attention, a huge political experiment was occurring in Georgia’s 6th district these past months. The former house of representatives member resigned from his position to take a spot in Trump’s White House, so the seat was open for the taking. The two people running to fill the role were Jon Ossoff and Karen Handel, and they couldn’t have been more representative of the parties they represent. Jon Ossoff is a 30 year old documentary filmmaker and Democrat, serving as a political aide for Rep. Hank Johnson.

Why We Should Be Worried About the Congressional Baseball Shooting

The irony here is that this blatant domestic terror attack did nothing for the political conversation in this nation. If Scalise’s armed security hadn’t been there, it's safe to say that most of those Republican congressmen would have been killed today. If the roles had been reversed, and the shooter was a Trump supporter firing on Democrats, we wouldn’t hear the end of this day. If this man hadn’t been a manipulated pawn, radicalized by leftist hate speech, we would have heard every Hollywood figurehead and pop star crying about gun regulation. Instead, we get none of that.