WATCH: Alex Jones Delivers Speech at #FREEALEXJONES Rally in Austin, TX

On Saturday, Patriot Prayer held a #FreeAlexJones Rally in Austin, TX. Plenty of great speakers came and talked about the dangers of censorship, and big tech and government colluding to silence any thought that counters the mainstream narrative. Americans from all over the country from all backgrounds came to listen to and march with Patriot … Continue reading WATCH: Alex Jones Delivers Speech at #FREEALEXJONES Rally in Austin, TX

Video: Bill Clinton Infowars #MeToo Protest

Video: YouTube link: On June 11th, Infowars reporter Owen Shroyer held a #MeToo protest against former President Bill Clinton. About 50 people showed up, and all of them had interesting things to say about the controversial figure. Ethan and some friends of Bermansplaining covered the event, interviewing attendees of the protest and making some … Continue reading Video: Bill Clinton Infowars #MeToo Protest

Why You Should Support Austin Petersen For Missouri Senate

The political glass ceiling was completely shattered this last November when Donald J. Trump won the presidency. We collectively saw the destruction of the Republican Party as we knew it, and suddenly both politicians and the media recognized that being a “political outsider” was an attractive quality and not some elitist insult. While I think … Continue reading Why You Should Support Austin Petersen For Missouri Senate

Why We Should Be Worried About the Congressional Baseball Shooting

The irony here is that this blatant domestic terror attack did nothing for the political conversation in this nation. If Scalise’s armed security hadn’t been there, it's safe to say that most of those Republican congressmen would have been killed today. If the roles had been reversed, and the shooter was a Trump supporter firing on Democrats, we wouldn’t hear the end of this day. If this man hadn’t been a manipulated pawn, radicalized by leftist hate speech, we would have heard every Hollywood figurehead and pop star crying about gun regulation. Instead, we get none of that.

Prayers Answered, Shadow of the Colossus HD Remake and More – Sony E3 2017 Recap

Other mediocre showings included Destiny 2, the new Call of Duty, and a startling lack of independent content. To make matters worse, the audience wasn’t very excited this year, and every time the producers would cut to an audience reaction we would get some hype-killing display, like somebody yawning, on their phone, or just generally seeming uninterested, which is such a stark difference from last year's display. At least Xbox put their audience in matching t-shirts….

Will Xbox One X Be Worth the Price Tag? – Xbox E3 2017 Recap

Right off the bat, Microsoft started their conference off by announcing that their console, previously nicknamed “Scorpio” was officially coming out this year and is called the Xbox One X. Now, while this name might seem cheesy at first, I actually think this is a smart move from Microsoft, for what they’re going with this console cycle. Rather than taking the typical stance of releasing a new console and killing off the previous one, (RIP WiiU and 3DS) Microsoft decided to create a console family out of the Xbox One generation.