U.S. Pushes Boundaries of Power With Libya Drone Strike

In yesterday’s post, I asked readers to vote on whether or not they found drone strikes to be ethical. I intentionally left the details on the matter vague, because I wanted to see what the initial reactions would be to such a question. To my surprise, none of those who voted marked “no”, and most … Continue reading U.S. Pushes Boundaries of Power With Libya Drone Strike

You Should Care About the Terror Attack in Iran; Here’s Why

To recap, America is currently backing Saudi Arabia, who also funds ISIS who we’re enemies with. Iran is allied with Russia, and enemies with basically everyone else, but especially Saudi and ISIS after the terror attack. An interesting nation to watch during this is Israel, who although allied with the U.S. primarily, doesn’t have bad blood with Russia, although it is essentially mortal enemies with Iran, who prays for Israel’s destruction. You confused yet? Imagine how Trump feels.